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Your Expertise. Our Tech. Give Your Clients a Premium Consultation.

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Your Expertise. Our Tech. Give Your Clients a Premium Consultation

As part of our ongoing Summer Collection, we wanted to design a feature that makes the consultation process easier, quicker, and safer for Phorest salons and clinics. Understanding the unique needs of medi-aesthetic professionals in particular, we are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: Premium Consultations.

Engage. Explain. Enhance.

In any clinic or spa, client safety is paramount. That commitment starts from the moment an initial consultation takes place. Developed in response to feedback from hundreds of medi-aesthetic clinics, Premium Consultations offer a powerful digital solution that ensures accuracy, transparency, and safety; every time. 

Premium consultations are a step above the standard digital consultation form package, designed with a host of advanced features to help you perform thorough assessments and give exceptional customer service. From clear face-mapping to accurate charting, color-coding, and timestamped images, stay ahead of the competition and give your clients the top-class care they deserve.

Clear communication, impeccable care

When conducting a client consultation, visual communication is vital, helping to put your clients at ease and show the progress and results of the treatment that they’re investing in. Premium Consultations allows you to upload a photo of your client or use a pre-loaded template and chart the image with a range of annotations. Whether you prefer using our selection of drawing tools for precision or freehand functionality for a personal touch, the possibilities are endless. 

With Premium Consultations, you can:

  • Upload high-resolution images that make detailed treatment plans easier
  • Record notes and add text directly on the image
  • Mark injection points and product dosages
  • Emphasize specific treatment areas or blemishes using color-coding

Premium Consultations are yours to customize.

What sets Premium Consultations apart is its versatility

This feature is not limited to aesthetic clinics specializing in injectables or medical facials. Upload a photo of your client’s face and note their preferred charting style, or use an image of the body to document the specific areas targeted during a massage. An emphasis on visual communication helps you to connect with your clients on a whole new level, making their desired transformations a reality.

Track charting for peace of mind

All charting completed in Premium Consultations is timestamped and cannot be edited after saving. By locking down your annotations and edits once finalized, Premium Consultations prevents any inadvertent mix-ups with staff and gives peace of mind that client records cannot be tampered with. Premium Consultations also protect your clinic, providing you with a digital record in the event that a client is unhappy with their treatment results. 

View before & after images, side by side

The magic of our industry lies in the incredible transformations we perform, day in, day out. See your clients’ progress and immerse yourself in their transformation journey by comparing before and after images. 

Upload high-resolution images directly from your desktop or mobile phone gallery, and compare them side by side with ease, showing your client their results instantly or over a set period of time. Before and after images and annotatated photos are stored in the same section of Phorest, giving you all the tools for a successful post-treatment debrief in one place. 

Like our standard Phorest digital consultation forms, all images stored within Premium Consultations are synced directly to your clients’ profiles, allowing you quick and easy access that you can revisit at the click of a button. 

Keep things synced & simple

Busy clinic owners need technology to simplify things, which is exactly what Premium Consultations does. Available on both Phorest desktop and PhorestGo 2.0, Premium Consultations empowers you to perform top-class consultations that remain consistent, even if different treatment providers are working with the same client. 

Say goodbye to handwritten notes, physical client files, and illegible, hand-drawn face-mapping for good, and add that extra layer of data protection to your clinic’s offerings. With everything stored digitally and protected in our compliant software, you can ensure a safe and reliable consultation every time.

Ready to See It In Action?

Learn more about Premium Consultations by visiting the Phorest Helpdesk

The Salon Floor Series Episode 4: When Phorest Met Brian

The Salon Floor Series are short films where we meet real Phorest salon owners where they are at–on the salon floor– to understand how Phorest fits into their typical day. This week, we’re traveling to Sisu, a multi-location aesthetics business with clinics across Ireland, the UK & the USA. We’re speaking to Brian about how his team uses Phorest to offer a professional, consistent client experience to his visitors across the globe.  

What will you learn next?

Ready to see exactly how Premium Consultations can supercharge your salon, spa, or clinic? Tune into our Facebook Live Webinar; Let’s Talk: Premium Consultations with Verna & Cillian on Monday July 31st at 8am EST to learn more about this feature in detail. 

Click here to register 

Phorest Salon Owners Summit attendees got a sneak peek of the Summer Collection in January

Want to be at the center of the action next year? Get ready to ELEVATE your business at Europe’s premier industry event for salon, clinic, and spa owners, the Salon Owners Summit in Dublin, Ireland. Kick off the year with more groundbreaking product demos, chats with the Phorest development team, and a world-class ensemble of speakers and special guests. Plus, a chance to network (and party) with hundreds of other like-minded professionals from all over the world. What are you waiting for?

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Are you summer ready?

Learn more about Premium Consultations and all the new features in our Summer Collection.


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