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Patrick Gildea Reduces Cash-Up Time by 50% With PhorestPay

Servicing over 200 clients a week, Patrick Gildea Hairdressing & Beauty needed a professional payment solution that could give their customers a premium experience. With PhorestPay, they have been able to fast-track ecommerce and digital gift cards and reduce their daily cash-up process by 50%. 


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welcome-quote "Front-of-house staff are delighted with how easy it is to use. Especially with the cash-up facility. It is so quick, and it has taken out a lot of mistakes that have been made entering the wrong amount on the card machine. Cash-up takes 50% less time now with PhorestPay. This definitely is our favourite feature so far."
  • Bláithín Gildea, Manager

    Patrick Gildea Hairdressing & Beauty, Letterkenny, Ireland

Since Getting Their PhorestPay Card Terminal, Patrick Gildea Has Achieved:


less time spent on cash-up

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worth of gift cards sold in just four months

An elevated payment experience with their brand front and center

The Secret to a Seamless Experience is in the Details


One of Donegal’s premier destinations for bespoke color and cuts, Patrick Gildea, has a legacy of excellence to maintain. They insist on high standards, promising their clients that “from the moment we welcome you, your experience will be perfect.” When choosing salon software, they wanted a partner who could guarantee the frictionless technology that would allow them to focus on what they do best.


Before switching to PhorestPay, the Patrick Gildea team had to

  • Focus on the logistics of taking payment during their final interactions with each client
  • Face a tedious cash-up at the end of the day
  • Cross-check their card machine daily totals with their POS
  • Reconcile discrepancies due to manual input mistakes
  • Post out physical gift vouchers each time a client ordered one

These extra steps were adding up and cutting into the time they would prefer to spend toward their passion—honing their reputable hairdressing skills and delivering exceptional customer service.

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The Difference An Integrated Card Terminal Makes

Enter the PhorestPay Card Terminal. With an all-in-one POS system, Patrick Gildea no longer needed to be the middleman between their card machine and their POS. Using an integrated PhorestPay Card terminal meant that all of their debit and credit card transactions would sync in real-time. Plus, during checkout, the final total would automatically display on the terminal screen, eliminating the potential for human error during the usual manual input. Together, this essentially eliminated anything to reconcile at the end of the day, halving the time it took to close the salon.

“PhorestPay has saved so much time in our day-to-day running for our front-of-house staff & customers.”


Expediting Ecommerce Expertise

Digital gift cards are a win-win for the Patrick Gildea team and their clients. Gift cards bring fresh faces into the salon, encourage add-on spending, and, overall, boost cash flow. And for their clients? Who hasn’t been on the hunt for a last-minute gift? Now, there’s no waiting around.


Clients can complete their purchase and have their gift ready to go in the same instant thanks to Phorest Digital Gift Cards. Patrick Gildea now also has a professional ecommerce toolkit to make the most of Digital Gift Cards at their disposal, including custom branding, promotions, and the full weight of the Phorest Marketing Suite.

“We love the online gift cards with PhorestPay. Customers can get a gift at their fingertips, and it is more time-efficient rather than posting our gift vouchers. And we love how we can run promotions on our gift card sales & even brand the voucher with our logo.”

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Phorest Tech, Their Brand.

A premier destination for hair in Ireland’s North West, the Patrick Gildea name is synonymous with quality and luxury. As marketing experts themselves, they pride themselves on creating a branded experience from start to finish for every appointment.


Clients are immediately greeted by their famous “We Listen” doormat, swathed in cozy Patrick Gildea blankets in their hair spa, and the logo is highlighted in everything from candles to service names around the salon. Fortunately, introducing Phorest as their software partner hasn’t meant compromising their brand. If anything, since switching to a PhorestPay Card Terminal, there is more opportunity for the Patrick Gildea brand to be in the spotlight.

“Customers love the receipt being emailed to them, and we love how we could brand our receipt with our logo and how the appointment reminder is at the bottom of the receipt. The terminal is very professional looking, with our logo on the screen personalized to our brand, which we love.”

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