Phorest for Multi-Location Staff Management

Togninis Seamlessly Manages and Empowers Their Team Across Two Locations

With two busy hair salons in Brisbane QLD, Togninis struggled to remotely manage both teams with their old software. Watch how they use the tools in Phorest to manage and empower their teams across two locations.


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With Phorest, Togninis achieved:

A goal-focused team, empowered to track their own progress

Cross-location rostering with multi-site staff management

A clear view of team performance with a powerful reporting suite

The Challenge of Managing Teams Across Multiple Locations

Togninis Hair is a busy, family-run salon with two locations in Brisbane QLD. Speaking to owners Kristian and Tracey Tognini, they explain some of the issues they were facing when trying to manage staff across two locations with their previous software.


As their old software was not cloud-based, they couldn’t access information for each location remotely, meaning they had to travel across Brisbane to check reports or set and change rosters. And switching staff from one location to the other at busy periods was extremely difficult.


They needed a solution that would allow them to remotely manage teams and rosters, as well as one that empowered staff to manage their own books and track their own performance metrics. That’s why they switched to Phorest.

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Simpler Staff Admin, Done Remotely

Owner and Founder Tracey Tognini spends the majority of her time managing the backend of the salon, controlling all the scheduling for both locations. Here she highlights some of the top multi-site mangement tools in Phorest that make her job easier.


Creating Schedules from Any Location on Any Device

“The staff roster tool is great for managing the whole team at any one time. All team members know exactly what they’re doing and where they’re going to be, and it also helps for tracking annual leave and sick days.


[Using] a cloud-based system has just been phenomenal. To give you an idea; I am just back from four weeks’ holidays at the beach, and I could simply open up my computer. I did ordering while I was on holidays. I adjusted rosters. I viewed the day.


Even on a day-to-day basis, you inevitably get someone will ring in sick, and you can flip your computer open at home, or even do it on your phone, and make changes to the salons running. It just simplifies everything.”


Multi-Location Staff Transfers

“We have two salons, so there’s a multiple-site function available with Phorest, which is wonderful. I can view exactly what [the team] have happening in their day at the other salon. We can flip our staff members between the two sites really easily as far as rostering goes.”


Scheduling and Communicating Cover for Staff Breaks

“As far as an ease of communication with team members over certain things, it’s wonderful. I personally put all the breaks of the salon in. Also, our young team does a lot of backup work for our colourists, so I’m able to block time out into their columns, so they know exactly where they are and who they’re seeing.”


Tracey concluded by saying “I think I’ve become so reliant on Phorest now, I don’t think I could do my job without it. It is like having an office assistant without the morning tea, I guess! I just love it, and I think if they took it away, I might just have to retire!”

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Empowering the Team to Take Control 

More than just helping management to schedule and monitor the team, the tools in Phorest enable Togninis to bring about real change in how the team is trusted and empowered to manage their own books. As well as this, Phorest helps them track progress and work toward their own goals.


Owner Kristian Tognini commented on some of these innovations.


PhorestGo Allows the Team to Manage their own Work

PhorestGo, the internal salon management app, helps us manage the team autonomously. The team can jump on at any time they like, 24/7, to see what their book looks like. Before they come to work, they can login, see exactly what their day is like, and plan for their day. The client notes can be updated by the staff member at their own time.”


Staff Performance Empowers the Team to Track Progress Towards their Goals

“The Staff Performance tracking tool helps them see their metrics in real-time, understanding where they’re sitting with service goals, rebooking goals, and also retail goals. Some of the things that we track through the reporting – a massive one is utilization, so how much time your staff is actually spending on clients. Rebooking is another massive one, and then also the staff retention of their clients is huge.”

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