Phorest in Focus: April 2024 Edition 🚀

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At Phorest, we’ve got your back when it comes to growing your business. That’s why we’ve strategically designed our latest updates with one key objective in mind: boosting your revenue! 

💰Increase Revenue with… Group Bookings

Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating individual bookings and hello to the power of group bookings. It’s now easier than ever for families and friends to book appointments together. Each person can choose their own set of services for a truly unique experience!

💰Increase Revenue with… Upgraded Online Bookings

Optimised for mobile devices and designed with your clients in mind, we’ve automatically upgraded your Online Booking pages to help you convert more bookings. We’ve already processed over 1 million bookings, with an average client rating of 4.8/5! ⭐

💰Increase Revenue with… Ads on Instagram & Facebook Stories

Want to supercharge your Facebook and Instagram Ads? Phorest’s industry-first,fully integrated, Phorest Ads Manager will take your salon’s advertising strategy to new heights.

As well as Grid and News Feed posts, Ads Manager now supports advertising on Instagram & Facebook Stories. By expanding your ad reach to these platforms, you’ll boost engagement, extend your audience, and ultimately increase your bookings and revenue.

Phorest Ads Manager

💰Increase Revenue with… Reserve with Google

With our Reserve with Google integration your clients can book appointments through a Google Search and within Google Maps. With just a few clicks, potential clients who are already searching for your services can find your salon and book appointments with you directly from Google.

And that’s not all! We’ve got even more improvements to help you maximise your efficiency and focus on what matters – boosting revenue:

🎓 Staff Qualifications Made Easy: You can now select who is qualified for specific services without the need to click into individual staff members. 

🏢 Multi-Location Xero & QuickBooks Sync: If you operate multiple locations, you can now sync transactional data with Xero or QuickBooks Online seamlessly across all your sites

📝Premium Consultation Forms Updates: We’ve added the ability to lock notes on all digital consultation forms and upload documents and zoom and pan functionality when comparing images on Premium Consultations.

🕒 Reschedule Email Enhancements: Reschedule emails will now display the original appointment time if a client shifts their booking around. 

💡 Insightful Dashboards: You can now toggle between inclusive or exclusive of GST views on selected Insights dashboards


Phorest’s Multi-Merchant Solution is also coming soon! 💥 As the industry moves towards embracing hybrid employment models and booth rental setups, we understand the importance of flexibility and efficiency for self-employed staff, and this solution is designed to cater to the evolving needs of salon businesses like yours. 

Our multi-merchant solution will allow self-employed staff to be paid directly through their own PhorestPay account, powered by Stripe. 💸 They will be able to view their own invoices, payouts, transactions, and reports, all from the PhorestGo 2.0 mobile app. ✨ Click HERE to register your interest. 

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