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Make Sharper Decisions With Your Salon’s Data

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Make Sharper Decisions With Your Salon’s Data

No one knows more about your business than you do. However, being a business owner can be an all-consuming reality. Along with the mental load of your own daily to-do lists, you have to keep the big picture in the back of your mind. 

Your thoughts drift between staff concerns and utility bills, to thinking ahead to next month’s bookings. Your intuition is important, but actively monitoring your salon’s data will make you more confident and proactive. This is why Phorest Salon Software has transformed its powerful reporting featuresexpanding the Health Check Dashboard and releasing three new reports: Staff Performance (which also comes with its own shiny new dashboard), Inventory, and Transactions. These new reports are available on your Phorest desktop system and the PhorestGo app.

And we are just getting started.

Whether you want to zoom out and look at the big picture of your business performance or investigate the finest details, the good news is we won’t be bombarding you with more spreadsheets.  Unless, of course, you live for a good spreadsheet–then the classic table view has you covered! 

Phorest’s new reporting style offers:

  1. More ways to compare your data (across branches, across different staff members) and understand its context within a given time period
  2. More visual aids (hello graphs!) and “tool tips” to help you understand what the numbers are telling you
  3. This means more ways to implement the learnings from your data 

The rigorous metrics take on a new life in an interactive dashboard: The Phorest Health Check Dashboard 2.0

Your Health Check Dashboard is a live snapshot for instant clarity on the overall health of your business. Bringing together data from various Phorest Reports, it’s the big picture you are looking for.

The core of your Health Check Dashboard is an overview of revenue and client visits, and it can break down your data in two ways:

  1. By branch (if you operate multiple locations)
  2. By staff member

You select the time period you’d like to look at (say the last 7 days) to see your: 

  • Total Sales 
  • Daily Sales
  • Sales Breakdown
  • Average Ticket
  • Retail to Service Percentage

With every number, there is context.

Phorest tells you by what percentage they are up or down on your previous week so you can stay one step ahead of any developing trends. 

Your Health Check Dashboard also displays your:

  • Client Visits
  • Client Visits Breakdown
  • Value of Future Appointments
  • Busiest Days
  • Rebooking Rate
  • Returning Client Percentage

Data empowers you to pivot strategically

Having the right information at the right time is invaluable. The Health Check Dashboard refreshes automatically with your salon’s live data every few seconds. So you have the information you need instantly. 

You can also receive updates immediately by setting custom alerts for any of the metrics in the dashboard. And you can tailor these to your goals as a business.  Want to know when you’ve hit your weekly sales target or if your rebooking rate falls below a certain threshold? Set a custom alert, and you’ll be the first to know. So you’ll understand when to celebrate, have a conversation with your team, or build some momentum with a marketing campaign. And you can take this insight with you anywhere by using the PhorestGo app!

This step-by-step guide explains everything you need to feel confident using the Health Check Dashboard.

Phorest has also updated three new reports in this visual, interactive style, encompassing three important areas of your business.

Staff Performance, Inventory and Transactions.

Staff Performance Dashboard: 

Whether you want to see all your staff member’s performance numbers in one place or look into one person specifically, this is the first place to go. It includes the important KPIs–like upsell percentage and average ticket–to help you lead a productive one-to-one review or recognize standout effort in a team meeting. Plus, to put all these numbers in a human context, the Staff Performance dashboard also pulls in the client reviews your team has received during the specified time period.

While you have the birds-eye view of it all in the dashboard, your staff can individually track their own performance via the PhorestGo app. This guarantees that everyone’s objectives work together.

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You know the delicate balance of inventory well. Use this report to follow retail sales, stock flow, and stock value. Track under and overstocked items and bestselling products and brands.  And it eliminates the hassle of adding VAT and other taxes to your retail.


Every one of your transactions lives here. You can filter by date, amount, department, staff member and payment method. 

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Understanding your data means understanding your full potential. 

Too many salon, spa, and clinic owners are sitting on a mine of potential business insight all because they don’t have a workable system for collecting and understanding their data. Phorest wants to change that. Phorest introduced this new approach to bring powerful reporting into a digestible format so everyone has the information they need to grow. 

Schedule your free demo to learn more. 

Together, We Grow

This article was originally published on November 17th 2021 and has been updated.


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