Jen Baudier

Bella Style Salon, LA, USA

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Jen Baudier is the owner of Bella Style Salon located in Slidell Louisiana for the past 11 years. For the last 4 years, Bella Style has been named by Salon Today as a Top 200 Salon in the Country and most recently is one of the newest members of Intercoiffure America/Canada.


Her focus is to grow leaders in her company with the goal of creating and retiring beauty professionals.  Jen has been studying and learning the behaviors associated with increasing profits and operates Bella Style on the “Profit First” philosophies. She now works with salon owners from all over the country who want to scale their company to 7 figures and increase profits through PIP University’s 16-week program RLCEO.


She is a firm believer that numbers are an indicator of behaviors, they tell a story and if we don’t connect with our teams or create career paths for them then we are just wasting time!


My favorite feature of Phorest is the marketing section. We email our guests 4-5 times per week and send out a weekly text message for last-minute open appointments. This feature has also helped us get over 500 5 star online reviews. I could not live without it.

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