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Togninis Achieve Outstanding Results with Phorest Marketing Tools

Learn how Togninis Hair keep their two Brisbane salons bustling with business, using the tools in Phorest to run marketing campaigns that achieve clear results, including 4000% ROI from their SMS marketing efforts.


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welcome-quote If you are considering Phorest out there, the biggest thing is the continuous innovation of the product suite, there's always something that's being updated, something that's being tweaked, to run your business even better."
  • Kristian Tognini, Owner

    Togninis Hair, Brisbane QLD Australia

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  • With Phorest's Marketing Suite, Togninis achieved:

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    Return on investment from SMS marketing campaigns


    Of clients booking online are new clients

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    33 New

    5-star Google Reviews Using Phorest’s Online Reputation Tool

    Keeping ahead of the competition

    Togninis Hair is a bustling family-run salon with a reputation for excellence at their two locations in Brisbane QLD. They first opened their doors over 35 years ago, and have seen other salons in the area come and go over that time. When switching to Phorest, Togninis realized they needed software that was constantly innovating, with new features to help them promote their business and stay ahead of the competition – something they weren’t getting with their previous software.


    Owner Kristian Tognini says on the subject: “If you are considering Phorest out there, the biggest thing is the continuous innovation of the product suite, there’s always something that’s being updated, something that’s being tweaked, to run your business even better.”


    Innovative Marketing Tools Driving Results

    Speaking on the marketing tools that are bringing tangible results for Togninis, Kristian highlighted two in particular that really stand out to him:


    SMS & Email Marketing Suite

    “Email marketing is massive for us to keep our clientele updated about whatever’s happening in the salon – new trends, new staff, team members and whatever promotions we’ve got going on. And the SMS marketing feature, as well, has been a massive hit for our clients.


    We saw 4000% return on investment [from our SMS marketing campaigns] in 2022.”


    Online Reputation Manager

    “Every client that comes to the salon, especially new clients, are prompted to give us a review, and then if you do leave a five-star review, it prompts you to leave a review on Google or Facebook for us. Phorest makes this seamless by gating the review, so only the best make it online.


    Togninis had 33 new Google reviews in 2022, and all of them were 5-star.


    Kristian went on to explain what these online reviews mean for growing their client base: “This helps us gain new clients through social proof that we’re doing a great job in here. Online booking is huge for us, and it allows any new client to jump online and book at any time.


    Last year in 2022, we had a 15% new client rate booking online [after seeing our reviews].”


    A Reliable Marketing Assistant

    Co-Owner and Founder, Tracey Tognini, spoke of the salon’s relationship with the Phorest software, quipping, “I think I’ve become so reliant on Phorest now, I don’t think I could do my job without it, just frankly. It is like having an office assistant without the morning teas, I guess. I think if they took it away, I might just have retire!”


    With two busy locations, an engaged client base, and a stellar reputation-both online and offline-it’s clear that Tracey, Kristian, and the rest of the Togninis team are in it for the long haul!


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