Phorest's Simple Migration Process

Togninis Experienced a Stress-Free Move to Phorest

Many salon owners want to move from their current software provider but fear the unknown. Togninis explain why they made the leap to Phorest, and detail their stress-free experience with the migration.


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welcome-quote If you are considering Phorest, the biggest thing is the continuous innovation of the product suite. There's always something that's being updated, something that's being tweaked to run your business even better."
  • Kristian & Tracey Tognini, Owners

    Togninis, Brisbane Australia

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  • Togninis are happy they switched to Phorest because it allowed them to achieve:


    No-show rate with appointment reminders

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    Return on investment from SMS marketing campaigns

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    A seamless experience

    For management, staff and clients

    The Anxiety of Switching Software

    Togninis Hair is a busy, family-run salon with two locations in Brisbane QLD. Like many salon owners, Kristian and Tracey Tognini felt they had outgrown their old salon software, but were anxious at the prospect of switching to a different solution, wondering how their team and clients would handle it,  and whether their data would make it across the migration in one piece…


    Ultimately, they found their old software system was not innovating in ways that could help them stay ahead of their competition and decided to switch to Phorest.

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    Why Phorest?

    According to Kristian:


    “The main factors why we chose Phorest were:

    • They were a market leader, first and foremost, in the UK. So when we first brought on Phorest in Australia, we were one of the opening or foundational people that took Phorest on. So seeing that it was already working in an existing market and had a big presence there was one of the first factors.
    • The other thing was that we really wanted something that was up-to-date and had features and benefits that were always being updated. Phorest are always innovating. We wanted a product that was as innovative as us.
    • And the last thing was, we wanted someone that had a help desk that was onshore. If you pick up the phone in Australia, you get someone that’s in Australia.”

    The Importance of a Seamless Switch

    “I do a lot of back-end work. I do a lot of the rostering, all the ordering,” Tracey said, speaking on how important it was to her that there was no loss of continuity during the switchover process. She outlined the key elements that made the switch so successful in her eyes.


    Phorest Takes Care of the Data Migration

    “When we started Phorest, it was simple. We had come from another computer program, and they just migrated all the information for us. One day we didn’t have Phorest, and the next day we did. It held all the information that we needed; all client histories, all of our appointments , so it was pretty seamless.”


    Access From Any Device and Location 

    “Oh, there’s no comparison [with our previous software]. [Phorest] being a cloud-based system has just been phenomenal. Just to give you an idea, I am just back from four weeks’ holidays at the beach, and I could simply open up my computer [and start working]. I did ordering while I was on holiday, I adjusted rosters, and I viewed the day. Even on a day-to-day basis, you inevitably get someone will ring in sick, and you can flip your computer open at home or even do it on your phone. And make changes to the salon’s running. It just simplifies everything.”




    On-Demand Education Makes Everything Run Smoothly

    Another benefit of switching to Phorest was how quickly the Togninis team were trained on the system, making use of Phorest’s online, on-demand training portal, Phorest Academy.


    Simple, On-Demand Training with Phorest Academy

    “Changing to Phorest was particularly easy because they have an online learning system. You can jump on, book some time with a trainer, and go through any of the issues that you’re having, and they explain it to you very simply. Moving forward, if I have any problems, I just pick the phone up. There’s always someone to talk to. I can either email through questions and they get back promptly to you, which is wonderful.

    And then training, I do a lot of the training for the front desk people, and for them to be able to access the Academy is simply superb.”

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    The Right Move for the Salon Owners, Staff and Clients

    Kristian spoke on how the move has gone from the perspective of everyone in the salon, and the incredible results they have seen to date: “We love Phorest at Togninis. Because from a salon owner’s point-of-view, I can see exactly where we are at any given time.


    For our team members, because they can see their book, they can understand their clientele and how they’re going to run their day.


    And most importantly, for our clients, it becomes simple and easy for them to rebook, reschedule, and understand where their appointments are at. Phorest helps us with having next-to-no no-shows.


    • At the moment, we run 2% no-shows within the salon because of all the reminders that the clients get.
    • The SMS marketing feature has been a massive hit for our clients, and we saw 4,000% return on investment from our SMS marketing campaigns last year.


    If you are considering Phorest, the biggest thing is the continuous innovation of the product suite. There’s always something that’s being updated, something that’s being tweaked to run your business even better.”


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