Welcome to the Salon Owner’s Podcast, Phorest FM Episode 12. Co-hosted by Killian Vigna and Zoé Bélisle-Springer, this show is a mix of interviews with industry thought-leaders, roundups of our most recent salon owners marketing tips & tricks, all the latest in and around Phorest and what upcoming webinars you can join. Phorest FM is produced every Monday morning for your enjoyment with a cup of coffee on your day off.

Phorest FM Episode 12

This episode is dedicated to reviewing some of the most popular blogs from the month of January. Online reputation is a big focus, including handling negative reviews and making sure your posts are effective, not overbearing. Chris Brennan, Content Manager at Phorest Salon Software joins your weekly co-hosting duo to discuss some of the highlights of his recent webinar and share his insights on online reputation.



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Killian Vigna: Welcome to the Phorest FM podcast, episode 12. I’m your host Killian Vigna.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: I’m Zoe Belisle-Springer, your co-host.

Killian Vigna: Welcome to our Monthly Round-Up episode. This week, we’re reviewing the most popular blogs of January, and we’ll talk about the latest email templates we’ve uploaded to the system this month. We have a special guest in this week to tie together the recurring theme we’ve had going out throughout January. Finally, as always, we top off the show with our upcoming Phorest Academy webinars. This podcast is produced every Monday morning for your enjoyment with a cup of coffee on your day off. Now, let’s get into the show. So, Zoe, end of the month, as usual.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yep.

Killian Vigna: What are the hottest blogs this month?

Zoe Belisle-Springer: The Salon Owner’s Summit recap was one of the most popular ones, of course.

Killian Vigna: Of course, yeah.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Then we also had how you can get 1200 salon customer haters and not even know about it. Then there was also the February marketing ideas, so that’s the monthly marketing toolkits that we give out.

Killian Vigna: That’s the one coming up for Valentine’s Day and stuff like that.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Exactly. Valentine’s and just February in general, so not necessarily just targeting people in relationships and such.

Killian Vigna: Yeah, ’cause we talked about earlier trying not to alienate. So, even though it’s Valentine’s Day, not everyone here is in a relationship, so we kind of had to work around that and target them as well.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, exactly. And the last one was 5 Surefire Ways to Lose Salon Fans on Facebook.

Killian Vigna: For anyone who hasn’t tuned into that episode during the week, we’re gonna go through it a bit better here. Yeah, so with the first one then, and this was probably… actually, this one was my favourite one this month.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Oh, was it?

Killian Vigna: Sorry, Alex. The Salon Event [Salon Owners Summit] was great, but this one here kind of opened up your eyes about the 1200 customers, how to get them to hate you. So it was kind of like a reverse psychology nearly. In that one you kind of went through … Just pulling it up here.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Well, there was a lot of things that you can do to monitor your online reputation, basically. Asking for feedback, using Google alerts, checking out your reviews on Google and Yelp and, also, leveraging technology.

Killian Vigna: So, trying to find your reviews and stuff like that?

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, exactly.

Killian Vigna: I suppose the general gist of this blog here was, does your offline [reputation] match your online [reputation]?

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, pretty much. Yeah.

Killian Vigna: What your clients are saying to you in the salon, is it the same thing they’re saying online? Because people tend to be braver… We’ve talked about the whole keyboard warriors and stuff like that.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah.

Killian Vigna: And then we talked about the issue of trolling. So, it’s just, like, how to monitor everything people are saying without even getting scared. That brings us to the five surefire ways to lose Facebook fans.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: To lose salon fans, yeah.

Killian Vigna: If you did see a negative review, which is one of the five things here, what do you do? We joked about it. We said, “First off, walk away from your computer, grab a cup of chamomile tea or something like that. Give it an hour.”

Zoe Belisle-Springer: That’s exactly what you said, actually.

Killian Vigna: Actually, I think it’s pretty much on point.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: That’s exactly what you said.

Killian Vigna: Someone’s giving out about your salon, don’t worry about it, essentially, and get someone else to review what you’re going to say, I suppose.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Or just have a little discussion in your salon, being like, “Okay, what’s the best way of going about this?” Not being that person who starts an argument on social media, basically.

Killian Vigna: Or gets caught up in one, either.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Exactly, yeah. There were other things there. If you post nothing or if you post too much.

Killian Vigna: So, where’s that right balance?

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Exactly. Then …

Killian Vigna: Don’t be blatantly con-

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Advertising all of your products, vary your content. Then you also had the links that go nowhere, so make sure all your links that you put into your social media, they either link to the right page or they just link to some page.

Killian Vigna: Just make sure it works.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, pretty much.

Killian Vigna: Make sure you don’t end up on a blank, empty website page.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: And grammar, as well.

Killian Vigna: The most important of all, and we’ve discussed about our buddy system we have here in work.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah.

Killian Vigna: Yeah, the crimes against grammar. Always pair up with someone before you post anything on Facebook, anything on Twitter. We know the whole idea is they’re short and sweet and you’re allowed for human error, but when you’re representing a salon or representing a business it’s always good to get someone to just do a quick double check.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, just a little double check.

Killian Vigna: Yeah, because there’s not only-

Zoe Belisle-Springer: It takes nothing. It costs nothing.

Killian Vigna: It costs nothing, but there’s not only the whole grammar aspect of it. Okay, so if I’m a salon owner and I’m writing a post, I suppose, a little promotion or something like that, it’s my salon, so this is how I want to portray it. But then how does it sound on the other side, as a client? Get a member of staff or get a friend of yours or someone like that to have a look at it, and go, “Well, listen, is it too harsh on the sale, or is it too pushy?” Or-

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Just that or even if you take, for instance, you’re putting together a post for a competition and you’ve written down rules for it. It makes all perfect sense in your mind, but if you have a colleague read it out and it doesn’t make sense for them, then your customers might not understand it either.

Killian Vigna: Exactly. They were the first two topics. I suppose before we go through the theme of those, we’ll just finish off with the third most popular blog this month. And that is?

Zoe Belisle-Springer: That was the February salon marketing ideas. That’s been downloaded quite a lot since it was published. There’s loads of graphics. There’s Instagram graphics ready to post. There’s Facebook ad graphics, as well, ready to post. Then you add in the text for your ad. There’s a few SMS templates in there, and there’s also email subject lines that you can use. That’s a really, really cool one if you’re kind of stuck for marketing ideas with February coming up in a few days.

Killian Vigna: Yeah.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah. That one is definitely one to check out, especially if you haven’t downloaded the toolkit. It’s free, so why not make use of it?

Killian Vigna: Grab it quick. I’m just looking at here at the likes of the SMS templates and even the email subject lines alone. Forget about the fact you’re getting these class graphics that you’re definitely gonna use, but the email subject lines and the SMS, they’re worth looking over.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah.

Killian Vigna: Anyone can use those.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: ‘Cause even if you don’t use those, in particular, it might just give you that little spark of an idea to make your own campaign and create your own things.

Killian Vigna: That’s what we keep emphasising. They’re templates. We’re giving them to you, but don’t take them verbatim or for anything. We don’t know your clients as well as you do. We can only help you with the marketing and give you tips and tricks and advice and whatnot, but it’s up to you to look at it and go, “All right, I gotta tailor this to my clients now.”

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Exactly, yeah, ’cause you know your audience. You know who you’re targeting.

Killian Vigna: Exactly. These are just assistance. Get them, read through them, and just tweak it to yourself.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, and if there’s one that works, well, cool, take it.

Killian Vigna: Exactly. Just to follow up on that one, then. If you are a client of Phorest, I think when we were talking about this blog last week, the SMS and emails hadn’t quite been uploaded, but now they are on the system. We’ve just been talking to Luke and Niamh in SMS. They’re all ready to go, and emails are up there. Again, have a look at them, mess around, make sure you fill in all the gaps with your salon name, your number, website.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, and that’s in the marketing section of your software if you’re using Phorest.

Killian Vigna: Exactly, yeah. I wanted to do like a little Troy McClure intro thing here, but I think I’ve gone too far. We’ve talked about the two most popular blogs this month were the five surefire ways to lose clients and then the 1200 salon customers are hater.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Haters, yeah.

Killian Vigna: What we’re talking about here, and we’re going to introduce him now because he has just run a webinar on it last week, and you might know him from the Becoming A Client Retention Expert and Becoming A Certified Salon Facebook Expert. So, without further ado, introducing Chris Brennan; who’s now started, what webinar?

Chris Brennan: It is the Online Reputation Masterclass.

Killian Vigna: So in a nutshell, first off, what is online reputation?

Chris Brennan: Thank you very much for having me on the show. I’ve been trying to work my way on the show for ages now.

Killian Vigna: He’s been dying to get on the show, but we were like, “You know what, Chris, you’ve so much information, we’re just gonna wait for the good one. We’re gonna wait for the big one.” So, he’s probably gonna be on the show every week after this.

Chris Brennan: Usually, I go for lunch and then you do a quick one while I’m away.

Killian Vigna: Sorry, Chris, we forgot to invite you, shouldn’t have gone for lunch. In a nutshell, what is this online reputation webinar?

Chris Brennan: The beauty of what you guys just discussed about the popular blogs, a lot of it is actually contained in there. It really was something we started looking at as a feature because it became an area of real concern for salon owners. Does your offline reputation actually match your online one? Because a lot of times you’ll have a client who comes in, they love what you do, they love the service, and they’ll actually tell somebody, “This place is great.” But, when you look online, that love, that kind of magic in no way is reflected. We started doing some studies, and listeners would know this as well, just from your own point of view. If somebody tells you or recommends a restaurant or even a movie or any kind of recommendation anymore, more times than not, we check online, just to look up more information. Like where-

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, get a review and see what people are saying about this, not just your friends.

Chris Brennan: We’re like a digital age now. We want more information. We go, “Oh, you’ve highlighted something. I want to find out about it.”

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, and the other thing is that there are so many options out there now.

Chris Brennan: Yeah.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Before you’d be like, “Oh, there’s like five options to this thing.” It works for product retails as well and stuff like that, but you’ve got a hundred products now that does the same exact thing, so you’re obviously gonna check on the reviews. It’s the same way for your business, in the end.

Chris Brennan: Yeah, so we looked at that with salons, and it’s like, wow so somebody recommends you, which happens a lot. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to actually get new business.

Before you get that new business, someone’s gonna Google you. But what does it actually say? There’s a review section in Google. It’ll show you, but also your competitors. People are naturally attracted to the five golden stars; we want to see that. A lot of salons actually have no reviews yet. So, we’re going, “Wow, if you have no reviews, that’s even worse than having a three-star review.” ‘Cause it’s like, could nobody be bothered to even talk about you online? But your competitors are right there.

Killian Vigna: That right there, what you said, comparing. Some salons will think, “Oh, yeah, my clients love me. I’m getting all these great reviews.” But we actually did a quick check on it last week. Just before the webinar, we were sending out an email, whatever, and we wanted to kind of really get the gist of it. Basically, what I’m saying is, there was a really well-established … both of them were our clients, one was a really well-established, big salon. Now, if you talked to anyone on the street, this is one of the salons to go to.

We threw it open to Google, and they actually had no reviews. And there’s this tiny salon, just around the corner, had 98 five-star reviews. Instantly, people’s perspectives online, if you didn’t know either of those salons and you went online, you’re going, “Well, this is obviously the bigger one.” But then we’re talking to people that go to this salon and they’re going, “Well, no, it’s this one.” It was just a quick look online, looking at the reviews, this massive salon company and no reviews.

Chris Brennan: It’s actually the trust principle, which we talked about in the client retention webinar, where like 84% of people will trust a person’s recommendation. However, we’ve done more studies to find out that the online version of that is 88%, so we actually trust online reviews as much as a personal friend’s review.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: If not a tiny little bit more.

Chris Brennan: Yeah, exactly. Well, it makes sense because even when I want to buy something on Amazon, I’ll never buy anything without checking the reviews.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: I’m the same. Yeah.

Chris Brennan: I’ll go five-stars first, then I’m like, “Wow, they’re really laying in the compliments here.” Straight down to the one-star and see what the problem is, then I kind of settle in the middle.

Killian Vigna: Yeah.

Chris Brennan: But that is how I buy everything. It’s how I make decisions for restaurants, when I choose a barber. Phorest has actually designed a feature that can really help salon owners with this area, because in 2017 it is so important now, because this is how people make decisions. So, we want to make sure that we put that in your control, in the salon owner’s control, so what they see is actually going to be a benefit to your salon.

Killian Vigna: That whole, I suppose, the stigma of … You know the way a couple of years ago when the whole online thing was just coming up, people that wrote reviews were expert reviewers. This was their job.

Chris Brennan: The critics.

Killian Vigna: The critics, yeah. Think of if you’re going to a movie. You’ve got IMDb; that’s just the critic’s review right there. But I always go to Rotten Tomatoes because I’m going, “Well, they’re experts. They know what they’re looking for in a movie. I just want to enjoy a movie.” So, actually, I skip the expert review, and I look at the peer review. So it’s just the everyday Joe Soap like me rating a movie and giving his review.

That is what’s going on with your salon. You don’t have experts. Well, they could be experts; I don’t know. But every day it’s not professional experts coming in rating your salon. These are everyday clients, and they’re gonna tell their friends, and their friends, and their family and move on, so they’re the guys that you have to treat. Gone are the days of someone coming in rating your restaurant and everyone’s running around the main guy. That’s gone now. You have to run around everyone.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, exactly.

Killian Vigna: And that is…

Chris Brennan: Because everyone has a voice online now, and you never know whose voice is gonna be magnified. Because, it’s funny, a lot of people will be quick to tell you that you’re amazing to your face but aren’t as quick to say it online out of their own accord. So what you want to do, you want to incentivize your clients to actually take that passion and enthusiasm they have for your brand and your business and actually put it online. Because a lot of times we take for granted fantastic work and service.

It kind of wraps up in expectation. We kind of expected it, so when it was delivered we were like, “Excellent.” And we walk away and that’s it. But if you deliver bad service, “Oh, well, then. I didn’t expect that, and I’m gonna tell everybody I know and their neighbor.” It does kind of suck that way, but at least we have a solution for it now.

Killian Vigna: And that’s why we brought it up again about the whole if a client does complain online don’t get caught up, don’t get frustrated or anything like that. We’re not worried about negative reviews because, you know, well, listen I’ve got really loyal clients, so if someone does send in a negative review you just get back into contact with your clients and go out-

Zoe Belisle-Springer: And ask what’s happened.

Killian Vigna: Exactly. Yeah.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Get to the bottom of it.

Killian Vigna: Reach out, because your stylist could have had a bad day or that client could have had a bad day. You don’t know what’s going on in their lives. They’ve just come in, all of a sudden there’s a bad review. Take a step back and go, “Why?” Don’t be scared of these negative reviews because they’ll always get dropped down the funnel the better experiences you’ll get.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, exactly.

Killian Vigna: So reach out, find out.

Chris Brennan: I even know that even from our side of things when we have, say, a client or salon owner contact me. When I used to do all the marketing blog posts and I would put one together and I got this real sassy email from somebody who was aggravated that the material I was putting out wasn’t exactly relevant to her. I was like, “Oh, wow. That’s quite a spirited response.” I thought I was actually helping, you know? So I got back to her and went, “Oh, thank you for your opinion and your input. I was wondering if you had any other ideas.”

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah.

Chris Brennan: Immediately, she came back, apologized, said she’s under stress and was really hoping that there was something there that had a practical application. I was like, “Oh, perfect.” So, from then on we actually modified our blog post to really have a real, concrete, practical application to it. Just wanted to give that example from our own sake where it was like, “Well, we had people contact us. We didn’t respond in kind with the same emotion. We just kind of looked at it as an opportunity to get better and learn, and it benefited everybody.” We took this one surly, sassy person and converted her to an all-time fan because we listened. We took her concerns. It wasn’t anger at us. It was frustration and stress about her job, and we didn’t let that get mixed up.

It was just like, “We’re totally listening. What can we do to help you?” I think that kind of mentality, that kind of way of talking to clients will always help. In this scenario, if somebody had a bad experience, it’s an opportunity to convert them into a lifetime client. That being said, there are sometimes people that just won’t stop, and you just have to deal with that how you deal with that, which probably is its own blog post, I think.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Actually, I was gonna write something about that, like, next week, so …

Killian Vigna: There you go, you’ve got your content all right here.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: … you took the surprise out of that one.

Chris Brennan: Oh, sorry.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: That’s all right. People, it’s coming. It’s coming.

Chris Brennan: There are sometimes somebody, they get kind of heated, and their emotions start fuelling their response, and it’s like, how do you actually handle this? Because sometimes an apology or a solution just isn’t enough.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: It just won’t work.

Chris Brennan: I wonder how we’re gonna solve it. Zoe?

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Coming up in the few weeks.

Killian Vigna: Tune in next week. Like you said, if they’re vocal enough to give you a negative review, because no one does ever want to give a negative review. Think back to yourself. How many times have you got a product and you’ve gone mad? A different size or, whatever, something has happened with the shipping. It’s very rare you would actually go online and give out. So, the fact someone has gone online to give out, they’re obviously very upset. If you do get into contact and manage to convert them, they’re more than likely going to give you another review because they were vocal enough in the first place.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah.

Chris Brennan: Wasn’t the How to Get 1200 Haters and Not Even Know It, wasn’t it that part of that blog post was about how if these many people are actually critical of you online, there’s a larger majority that is silent that have never said anything.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Approximately 25%, yeah.

Chris Brennan: What we’re talking about now is the people who leave negative reviews, but there’s an impact for people who wouldn’t be bothered. I know that personally from, not the last time I went to a barber, but the time before. I went in the door. I didn’t book an appointment, but they told me it would be 10 minutes. I waited 25, then they told me they forgot about me. I didn’t leave a review. I never went back, but I did criticize them to the people that I knew. I was like, “You wouldn’t believe what happened to me today. I don’t understand them.” I literally did the 1200 hater thing. I didn’t give them feedback. I was kind of hoping they would try to solve it then and there, like offer me something for wasting my time, but they didn’t. I never reflected upon them offline, online to them. It was to everybody I knew.

Killian Vigna: Which is even harder, again, for them to monitor.

Chris Brennan: Exactly.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, I suppose. Whereas for me, I had a really negative experience in this train station, and I poured it out online. I was like this is ridiculous, and this is what happened. Never actually got contacted and I’ll probably never go and try and get a ticket from there again. It’s just done. They’ve completely lost me.

Chris Brennan: It’s crazy how it began.

Killian Vigna: The moral of the story here is you don’t want Zoe, and you don’t want Chris to have a bad experience in your salon. I don’t think I’ve ever complained, so …

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Oh, come on, now, you can’t be perfect.

Chris Brennan: No, but that’s interesting, that one person-

Killian Vigna: I turn left and complained to Zoe every day.

Chris Brennan: One person complained; one person didn’t complain, but we kind of landed in the same aspect. We’re not going back.

Killian Vigna: Yeah.

Chris Brennan: You know?

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah.

Chris Brennan: That is how easy it is to lose people. I don’t want to be all fear mongering and negative about it, but there is the opportunity of getting those people back. The feature that Phorest have, the online reputation management feature, is actually designed to keep an eye on your online reputation. It’s a dashboard that literally tells you how you’re perceived online. Is it five out of five, 4.5 out of five? But, it’s also broken down between Facebook, Yelp, and Google, then you can see how you’re doing there.

You can incentivize your best clients to leave you reviews, straight from this feature, with the touch of a button, with bespoke messaging, so that you can actually take control of what people are saying online. So, whenever this kind of thing has the opportunity to happen, you’re on top of it, and you control it.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: That’s gonna be really interesting.

Killian Vigna: I think that’s actually, other than your webinar, this is the first time it’s been announced. Isn’t it?

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Pretty much, yeah.

Killian Vigna: That’d be online rep feature on Phorest, just in case anyone got a little confused there.

Chris Brennan: I announced it at the webinar. I actually found out I was the official launch of it, which was pretty cool.

Killian Vigna: And he got so excited. He was like a little child. I get to announce something? What?

Chris Brennan: New feature. Yeah, it was great. This is a really cool feature. I’m gonna be doing another one of these webinars on February 15th. It’s a Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: U.K., Ireland.

Chris Brennan: U.K., Ireland. And 10:00 a.m. Eastern America Time, that’s like New York. Definitely, if you’re interested, come along. Even for non-clients or people who can’t get access to this feature, I actually do give you tips on how you can benefit from taking control of your online reputation. It’s a little bit of manual work, so I recommend that you try to use that feature instead, but there are ways to fix it. It just does take a little time and is a little more cumbersome than the benefits of the Online Reputation Manager.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Exactly.

Killian Vigna: So that webinar is on February the 15th, and what’s the best way to get registered or signed up for that one?

Zoe Belisle-Springer: There’s loads of links going on Facebook, Twitter, and such, but we do have an event on Facebook with that webinar. If you click on that, in the ticket box, basically, there’s a link to the web registration. That’s free, so don’t worry. You just click on that, and you sign up there.

Chris Brennan: The URL to sign up is info.phorest.com. Info.phorest.com/online-reputation. Yeah, I think that’s it.

Killian Vigna: Online reputation.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah.

Killian Vigna: Okay, and for those who haven’t heard it, we’re gonna announce a couple more upcoming webinars.

Chris Brennan: But check the blog. We do have them posted on the blog regularly.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah.

Killian Vigna: Check the blog regularly, check the social media regularly, and like Zoe said, if you go to Phorest Salon Software’s Facebook page, just on the left side, you’ve got Events and …

Zoe Belisle-Springer: You’ve got the four that are going to be up this month. The retail webinar, the client retention webinar, the online rep webinar, and the Facebook one. They’re all listed on our Facebook page in the Events section. They’ve got links to the registration page, so you can go there. That’s probably the easiest way.

Killian Vigna: Brilliant. Then to round up the show, while we’re talking about how to access the webinars, people have also been asking, “What’s the best way to subscribe and to follow onto the Phorest FM and to the Phorest Audio Blog?”

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yes.

Killian Vigna: We have three ways of doing that. If you’re on Apple, you can go through iTunes.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Exactly. Just look for Phorest FM or Phorest Audio Blog, and you’ll get to that page straight away, and then you can just click subscribe. That’ll go into your podcasts on your iPhone or your iPad, depending on what you’re listening on. That’s one way.

Then we also have through PodBean. I usually put the links out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, if you’re following us there, as well. You have the links there, but then you can also subscribe to PodBean. You basically just download the app. It’s free on Android and on iOS. You look for Phorest FM or Phorest Audio Blog. Once again, find the page and then subscribe. That’s pretty much the easiest ways, I’d say.

Killian Vigna: Yeah, and if you’re floating around on Facebook, just above Events, there’s Phorest FM & Audio Blog.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Oh, yeah, there’s a tab there with the most recent episodes of both feeds. Yeah.

Killian Vigna: Exactly. As always, it’d be great if you could subscribe and follow and just leave us some ratings or you could rate and review the podcast.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, or just a recommendation if you have a topic that you want us to chat about. If you have someone in mind that could be really cool to interview, let us know, and we’ll take into consideration.

Killian Vigna: Yeah, ’cause like we said, we started this off for you guys, but we’re now going, “Well, what do you want to actually hear?”

Zoe Belisle-Springer: Yeah, exactly.

Killian Vigna: Yeah, some feedback, that would be great. As always, Chris, thanks a million for joining in. He finally got his first podcast.

Chris Brennan: Thank you.

Killian Vigna: He was like a child dancing around here this morning.

Chris Brennan: I actually even respect the fact that at the end of this you’re going like, “And leave us reviews.” We’re working on our very own online reputation, which is important. Guys, you know this as much as we do.

Killian Vigna: As always, thanks very much for tuning in. I’m Killian.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: I’m Zoe.

Chris Brennan: I’m Chris.

Zoe Belisle-Springer: We wish you a very lovely week. We’ll catch you next Monday.

Killian Vigna: All the best!

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