Stay on top of your key metrics with Phorest Reports

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Know your KPIs

Phorest Reports empowers salons to stay on top of their key metrics and quickly identify areas for improvement using best-in-class visually-engaging dashboards.

The Health Check Dashboard is the first dashboard that is available as part of this exciting relaunch of the entire Phorest Reports feature.

View Key Metrics with the Health Check Dashboard

The Health Check Dashboard will enable salon owners and managers to view key salon metrics. It consists of two key elements: 

  1. Health Check Financial Overview
    • Provides key information regarding the financial health of the business. Each metric provides quick, actionable data on the salon’s sales performance. 
    • Metrics include: Total Sales, Average Appointment Value, Product to Service %, Daily Sales and Staff Leaderboard
  1. Client Visit Peak Times
    • Provides a mid to longer term view of the performance of the salon. Data on how the different hours of the day are performing can help identify changes to improve the business operations and insights around time spent on appointments and future bookings can give a clear indication that a marketing campaign may be needed. 
    • Metrics include: Client Visits, % Rebooked, % Returning, Daily Client Visits, Peak Days and the Value of Future Appointments (next 30 Days)

What are the benefits of the Health Check Dashboard?

  1. Key metrics are in one place: having a Health Check Dashboard provides salon owners with key financial and client metrics in one place. 
  1. Make quicker decisions: identify trends in your business and proactively take action based on this information. 
    1. Average ticket is down? Talk to your team. 
    2. Rebooking is down? Get the front desk a new target and training.
    3. Future appointments are down? Get a marketing campaign out! 
  1. Graphical displays: the graphical display of information in the Health Check Dashboard is far more impactful than a table of black and white data. 
  1. Multi-branch Improvements: filter by branch or multiple branches to easily find the data that you are looking for.

How can I access the Health Check Dashboard?

You’ll be glad to know this is readily available in your system today.

To access this new feature, click on Manager > Reports > Health Check.

For more information, please see the following guide:

What is the Health Check Dashboard and how does it work?

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