Seamless checkout with Stored Card on the PhorestGo App

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We’re excited to announce that US Salons can now use Stored Card on PhorestGo which allows for cardless checkout of clients.

How does it work?

Instead of your customers paying by taking out credit cards, cash or check, you can now use the PhorestGo app to process the transaction using the customer’s stored card. Simply open the PhorestGo app, go to your current service, and you will be able to view the clients information. Here you will see the option to use the client’s stored card to pay for the service.

What are the benefits?

We’re so excited to be able to improve the efficiency of our clients operations, and create a smoother experience for the end-customer.

With Stored Card, you can now check out clients from the chair and away from the reception desk. This will greatly reduce the time customers need to spend at the front desk taking payments. It also reduces the bottleneck at your reception desk, lightens the workload for the receptionist, and creates a smoother experience for the customer.

You can see more information about setup here.

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