The Next Generation of PhorestGo is here

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One of our most exciting new releases this Summer is PhorestGo 2.0. We have been working hard on a new version of our app, rebuilt from the ground up with an overhauled design and more functionality than ever before.

  • A unified experience on all devices, regardless of if you are using Android or iOS. 
  • Instant updates happen ‘over the air’, meaning you do not need to update manually via the App Store.

What’s new?

  • Quick date picker: Our monthly date picker allows you to change dates quickly. You can also jump between +4, +6, and +8 weeks easily with dedicated buttons
  • Appointment details: The new simplified layout of the appointment details screen makes it easier to check appointment details. 
  • Client Card: Shows all apps past, present, and future, client purchase history 
  • Checkout Options: Adding products via barcode is easier than ever, stored cards are more prominent, see a preview of any future appointments.

Additional tweaks and fixes include: Pinch to Zoom, the ability to Hold and drag appointment, Custom Break duration, Confirm an appointment, undo check-in, 

How do I get the new PhorestGo 2.0?

PhorestGo 2.0 is available to download from the App Store.

For more information on how to set it up, read here.

Simply log in using our quick magic login feature. From here, you can sign in using your usual login details.

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