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Dip your toes into paid social media advertising

Last year —2020— was the year consumers changed their habits: supporting local and buying online. Online purchases increased by 50%, social media influenced 55% of those decisions, and according to surveys done during the pandemic, 70% of buyers say they would buy online again. This begs the question: how well did your salon adapt?

This year onward, having a paid social media advertising strategy to work along the organic one will be a must for salons to attract clients & generate substantial ROI.

Ask yourself about your social strategy – are you posting because you like to and will hope people see and like it? Or are you hoping to get your business to the next level and get new people in your salon? And do you know what will truly make new clients click on your social media ads?

Your challenge: First, listen to Phorest FM Episode 197 embedded below. 

Featuring Richard Gibbons, Founder of Boost My Customers, a UK-based company with a vision to help clinic owners get the freedom they want and make an impact in their local community, this podcast episode discusses how to scale profitably with no capital, ways to know if your social media advertising campaign will succeed before spending a penny on ads, how to craft the perfect online advertising offer and, of course, also shares some success stories from owners who would have worked with Richard in the past!

Then, take the first steps towards creating a paid advertising strategy by following Gibbons’ tried and tested method of creating impactful ads by creating a customer survey. Go to your past and current clients (at least 5 of each) and ask them the following 5 questions concerning the treatment, service or product you’d like to advertise on social media:

  • What are your wants?
  • What are your needs?
  • What are your goals?
  • What are your fears?
  • What are your roadblocks?

Use the results of your survey to reverse engineer your advertising strategy. Then, plan your first (or if you’ve been doing paid ads, your next) advertising campaign for either Facebook or Instagram. Finally, create a post presenting the answers to your clients wants, addressing their fears and unblocking the way to your services. “You will immediately see this kind of ad get great results, minus the stress of wasting money on unproven advertising methods,” explains Gibbons.

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