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Embrace the new virtual reality

You’ve put in a relentless amount of work to build your clientele. Now is the time to fight for those very dear people.  If, like us, you’ve identified the following four points as challenges to overcome in 2021…

  • Clients being worried about visiting the salon
  • Reduced frequency of visit
  • The impacts of the consumer shift to digital on your business revenue
  • Social distancing & capacity restrictions

Then your marketing plan probably includes ways to engage with clients, focus on client retention, build trust and drive revenue.

Keeping online tools as part of your long-term plans can help you do that. Video consultations, for example, can help you cater for at-risk clients who are still feeling uneasy about visiting the salon. They can also help increase the efficiency of how your services are being run (assisting clients in booking the correct type of hair color services, for example) or create a new stream of revenue that compensates for not being able to double book.

Your challenge: If you already offer video consultations, take some time today to review your processes. Do you charge for these consultations? If so, do you charge enough? If not, what would make it worth charging for?

If video consultations are not something you currently offer, examine your customer journey and map out what that looks like. Then, make a list of any evident gaps and pain points you can identify that can be solved or helped by video consultations. Reach out to a few of your top clients and offer them a video consultation, so you can test it out with people you know will give you honest feedback about the process.

If you’re a Phorest client, you can use the Phorest X Zoom integration to run your video consultations. If not, you can always use Zoom on its own, Google Hangouts or Skype. The only thing is you’ll need to set up a process for taking payments and linking the calls to your book/diary and client cards.

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