Mission Control: Learn To Shift When Needed & Improve Results

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Strategies for key areas of your salon business

In 2021, with the emergence of a trend called “presence-free living,” we can expect to see consumers starting to put a premium on proximity, growth in innovative tools that make presence unnecessary and more than ever, brands needing to earn customers’ visits. A downward trend in frequency of visits is, in fact, already being observed across the salon industry.


It’s easy to succumb to overwhelm and panic, but it’s never been more critical to focus on what you can control.


In this session, Business Coach & Trainer Steve Gomez will support you in the following important areas of salon business: perception & thinking, sales growth & customer service, new client retention, cash flow management, and team involvement. Strengthen your approach to these areas, and you strengthen your business plan & improve results!


More specifically:

  • Learn how your perception dictates results and how you can shift where needed
  • Discover new client integration & retention strategies
  • Grow your add-on business to bridge client traffic gaps


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