Bad News I'm Afraid …

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Bad News I'm Afraid …

The bad news may surprise you, but it’s true I’m afraid … The really dangerous time in a recession for many salon owners isn’t at the beginning when everything seems to be crashing down around us … it actually comes later … in other words round about now!

This is often the time many salon owners find it ‘hard’ to keep going and many thousands will run out of money or willpower and simply disappear.

There is however some good news … at the same time in the same economic conditions plenty of salons are still doing well. Now, being very blunt with you … the only difference between the salon that struggles or dies and the salon that succeeds – no matter what – is the choices the owner makes every day.

How do I know?

Because I have the privilege of coaching and working with salon owners all over the UK and Ireland and I see on a daily basis the difference that organising, leading and motivating your business in the right way can make … and the recession only magnifies this difference!

I see the price salon owners are paying in stress and damaged relationship’s when things go wrong.

I see what happens when you give salon owners a path towards a well organised, highly motivated and profitable salon and help them follow it. I see the difference every day … and it’s HUGE.

That’s what motivated me to write ‘The Salon Owners Guide To beating The Recession’.

Now, as you may remember, last month I was offering you as a Phorest blog readers an exclusive opportunity to get hold of this Amazon 5* book for FREE as a PDF download. In addition, if you were willing to pay £2.95 for post and packing I’d send you a paperback copy through the post.

I didn’t originally intend to re-open the offer for a while, but … for one week only, till midnight on 30th April IT’S BACK.

Why is it back now?

Because from the first of May the cost of posting a book in the UK will go up by nearly 300% so if this offer is ever repeated in future the cost of post and packing will go up to at least £4.95. So bearing this in mind … if you want a paperback copy of a book that’s had a powerful impact on many salon owners already … with more than one admitting that they stayed up most most of the night reading it, because they couldn’t put it down … it makes sense to get it now!

You’ll find full details by clicking here.

Simon is now the UK’s foremost business coach for salon owners. His latest book The Salon Owner Guide To Beating The Recession was published recently.

Why not request a demo of our salon software today? We can help you get more clients, back more often spending more!


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