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Caution: Twitter Mistake Number Five That Might Make Your Followers “Unfollow”.

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Caution: Twitter Mistake Number Five That Might Make Your Followers “Unfollow”

Sadly, today is the last day of my rant against twitter malpractices. I know, I know… we all wish this could continue but all good things must come to an end.You’re probably all breathing a sigh of relief, but it’s not over yet. Not before I let loose one last time on my final rant.

So here goes the last and most excruciating of all Twitter Faux pas….

Pointless Tweeting

We’re busy people. That’s the way society is. We are all extremely busy and if you’re going to communicate with me make sure there is a reason.

Imagine how annoying it would be if when you walked down the street if people simply stopped you in your tracks to say things like “What’s up?”, “God it’s hot today”, “I just did a work-out and it was hard”… I’d probably be nice at first, and by the time the fifth person crossed my path…I’d (being really small and not open to confrontation) probably take off at a dead run in the opposite direction. In fact, I would run as far away from everyone as possible, for fear someone might bombard me with some more redundant phrases

We all get how this translates to Twitter, right? I don’t want to read your pointless tweets and nobody else does either. So if you’re tweeting to the masses or even a specific person ensure there is a point

The best way to do this is to decide on a goal and for most businesses there is one big goal: To build a better relationship with our client base.

If you immediately think “no, it’s not it’s to get more followers”. Then you are in the wrong mind-set. Followers will follow, once you are trying to achieve more lasting relationships with your current fans. So rather than paying for new followers (ah, yes some people do just that)…why not invest more time rather than money

Make the effort to communicate with your followers in a meaningful manner. The random man on the street asking me “what’s up?” will make me think “what an odd-ball, I hope he doesn’t know where I live” and then run-away. Whereas the man wearing a concern t-shirt and a clip board asking for a minute of my time…may or may not get my time. Point is I’ll consider his message because he has a purpose…he’s asking for a reason.

So there you have it. The litany against twitter misdemeanours is over… You can all breathe easy!

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