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Caution: Twitter Mistake Number Four That Might Make Your Followers “Unfollow”

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Caution: Twitter Mistake Number Four That Might Make Your Followers “Unfollow”

There is such thing as too much information. If you’re guilty of the following, rest assured in the knowledge that so are we all. I know myself I really have to pull myself up on lauding on about what I am thinking. As if anyone really wants to follow my every thought? If they did the situation would escalate into one of those stalker-type-things and I’d have to instate a restraining order.

So here we go with misdemeanour number four

Self-Promoting aka me,me,me

Lets put this in a non-twitter type scenario, lets imagine we are going for coffee with a good friend or rather that good friend you’ve had since god-only-knows-when and you are obliged to “enjoy” the occasional coffee with. You know the one? She’ll meet you there about five minutes late (apologies to those of you who are that friend) and what will she do when she gets there…apologise? Ask how long you are waiting?

I think at this point we are all shaking our heads knowingly because we all know that’s the last thing on her mind. Instead, she’s about to launch into a speech that will go a little like this:

“Oh god! Traffic is mental; I cannot believe that I didn’t leave the house earlier. But I mean the kids…work…its just so mental. Have you ordered? I’m starving? I’m on this new diet…”

And so it will continue with the odd nod or mumble of “I know” from your corner and a constant ramble from her about: “Me, me, me!”

This is a relationship that is lacking. It’s completely one sided. Later, you may tell someone how draining it was to listen to her yammer on about herself. Fact of the matter is you won’t think positive thoughts, you’ll dread the next cup of coffee…

Do you want people to feel that way about your twitter page? Well if you don’t beware of constantly promoting, blathering on about new products, special offers and what you can offer them. The key is communicating. Tweet to your followers and not at them. Engage them in conversation, ask them about themselves and you will actually have an audience the next time you plan to promote something.

For all of you guilty of being the bad friend in the hypothetical situation above…let’s simply ask our coffee buddy how she is feeling next time?

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