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The Better Choices Better Leaders Make: Acknowledge vs Defend

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The Better Choices Better Leaders Make: Acknowledge vs Defend

Acknowledge vs Defend. When we frame an idea, a problem, or an opportunity, we are choosing our perspective. Look at a “glass as half-empty,” and we start conserving and protecting. Seeing the same glass as “half-full” and opportunity and growth emerge. Our thinking shifts simply by how we choose to look at or “frame” something. “This vs That… The Better Choices Better Leaders Make” is a video series exploring different concepts, a guide to reframing our perspective on various situations.

Last time, on This vs That…

Two weeks ago, we looked at the intention behind our questions and asked ourselves whether we were being courteous or curious. Courtesy sounded like: “How’s your day?,” while curiosity sounded like: “Tell me the best part of your day.” This week, we’ll explore our reactions to feedback and objections.

What’s your response? Do you acknowledge or defend?

Acknowledge and question, defend and explain.

When you get feedback and objections, what’s your response? Is it to defend and explain when they say your prices are too high? Do you say: “Hey, but I’m the best in town!” When they say they don’t like their products or services do you go: “Yes, but that’s what you ordered. That’s what you said you wanted.” When they say they’ve never heard of you before, do you say: “Hey we’re the best kept secret in town!”

Or do you acknowledge and question?

So when they say your prices are too high, do you say: “I understand the importance of working within a budget, what did you budgeted for this today?” When they say that they don’t like your products and service can you respond with: “It sounds like we missed the mark for you. What was missing for you?” And when they say, “I’ve never heard of you before,” can you just smile and say: “Well I imagine you have a lot of questions then. What’s the first question I can answer for you?”

Next time you get feedback or an objection, abandon the defending & explaining, and embrace the acknowledging & questioning.

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