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Only 20% (If Even) of Your Facebook Fans are Seeing Your Page Updates

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Only 20% (If Even) of Your Facebook Fans are Seeing Your Page Updates

Yes you read the title correctly. If you have 500 Facebook ‘likes’ on your salon’s business page chances are, if you’re lucky, 100 people will see an update at any given time. Why? Simply put Facebook doesn’t actually want your posts to get to everyone… without paying for a ‘promoted post’ that is of course. It’s a revenue stream for them.

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Beating the system is possible though and your posts can go further if you understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of social media reach.

Let’s put this in perspective. For every five people that like your page, only one-in-five will actually count as a ‘member of the audience’ at any given time. Now if lots of people share and like your posts and you produce exceptionally engaging content, you can break through the barrier. It’s not easy to always produce this though – if it was, it wouldn’t be exceptional then would it!

The Good:

Here’s an example – we recently did an update about this very topic on our Facebook page:

Blog Engagement Post

On this post, we reached 1,054 people. A total of 1,271 people had liked our page at the time of the post. Therefore almost 83% of the people who liked our page saw the post right? Nope. The 1,054 people that like the post are not actually all made up of our fans. The post was shared, plus it shows up that they liked our post too on their page. So a post like that had a viral effect.

The Typical: 

Here’s a pretty typical post we recently did asking people to fill out a 45 second survey on our blog:

Survey Post Screenshot_rv


This ain’t so hot. 162 people saw the post. That’s less than 13% of people.

There is one sure way though…

You can see from above that engaging content gets into more people’s feeds i.e. if people like and share your post, it goes further on Facebook. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re hitting the people who’ve actually liked your page. They’re the most important and most likely to take you up on your services.


There is a way though to be guaranteed of getting into more of your fans’ feeds. Post the text below on your Facebook page every so often. Also, incorporate it into email signatures and tell people about it if they ask about your Facebook page. Of course if you’re lucky enough to have Phorest’s Salon Software you can incorporate it into the automatic thank you emails with a link to your page or indeed just do a targeted email promotion on the system. If people who like your page do it, they will not miss out on any of your updates. Here it is:

“Hey everybody! We hope you’re having a great day. We hear Facebook’s clever developers have been up to some dastardly tricks that may just keep you out of the loop on some great news, gossip and offers. Worry not! Look for the button that says “Liked” at the top of this page. Hover your mouse over that button and a menu will appear. Make sure “Show in News Feed” is checked, and then click on “Settings” and select “All Updates”. Thank you!

p.s. if you haven’t already liked our page you will need to click ‘like’ first.”

Best of luck! Remember, in order to get as many people as possible doing this, you must be persistent without being spammy or annoying!

Let me know how you get on and as always, drop me an email to the address below if you have a query or contact us via our Facebook page.

Talk with Phorest today and learn how our Salon Software can grow your business Connor Keppel is the Marketing Manager at Phorest. You can contact Connor on 0207 100 9290 (UK) or 01 8747800 (Irl) or by email:


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