The One Thing Every Salon Owner Needs to Remember!

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The One Thing Every Salon Owner Needs to Remember

As a salon owner you become many things to many people. You end up not only running a business but wearing multiple hats: “the boss”, “the mediator” “the confidant” and on occasion “mother or father”, all these different roles can be time consuming. Trying to manage all these roles along with balancing the demands of a business can leave you feeling: flustered, frustrated and impatient. We have little appreciation for what we have achieved and we are constantly looking at the next thing that needs to be done. It’s time for that to change.

Recently I had a conversation with a salon owner ,which centered around how hard it is to be all things to everyone, that lead me to write this post on remembering “YOU”. So here are 3 tips for you…

1. Acknowledge yourself

You’ve managed to make it this far: you’re still here still in business after all the challenges of the past 3 or 4 years and that alone deserves a huge well done. It is only in times of challenge that you realise the extent of your personal growth. Reflect on the challenges that you have faced over the last few years, think about all the challenging situations and appreciate what you have done for your business. Learn from your own achievements and try not to take things for granted, after all you’ve probably been working bloody hard!


Think about where you wanted to be 3 years ago? Are you there yet? What milestones have you reached? You have probably pulled all your resources together on multiple occasions and found ways of creating more and streamlining your business.Resourcefulness in itself is a huge achievement, so think about that next time you are feeling stressed. You’ve dealt with worse, you can do this!

3. Apply Positivity

Remember that rule the 80/20 one? Well in most cases we can spend 80% of our time looking at the 20% that is wrong!!! Make sure that you turn that one on its head! Look at the 80% you get right, move forward with a positive attitude. There will always be about 20% that you can’t control. website tech information . So look at your strengths, build on them…and inspire everyone with your positive mindset.

The long and the short of it is: be kind to yourself, acknowledge what you have, NOT what you don’t and pat yourself on the back, because I can pretty much guarantee you deserve it.

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