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The Phorest Hot Seat Salon Video Series Ep 2: Ellen Kavanagh of Waxperts

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The Phorest Hot Seat Salon Video Series Ep 2: Ellen Kavanagh of Waxperts

For our second episode in The Phorest Hot Seat salon video series, we had the pleasure of interviewing the award-winning co-founder of Waxperts, Ellen Kavanagh.

Ellen recently won a prestigious award for their very first retail product called Waxperts Wax.

In this episode we get the low down on how Ellen first got out of her column to become a successful Salontrepreneur and retailer. As well as that, we get some insights into how she hires her amazing staff!

The Hot Seat Salon Video Episode 2

Starting out, Ellen found that while she loved what she was doing, her passions really lay in the more specialised field of waxing.

With nothing other than sheer drive and determination, Ellen managed to build her very own brand from the ground up!

One of the more notable things I believe we can take away from this interview is how Ellen’s real push early in her journey actually came from her own clients. It was the clients who really supported and pushed her to start her own brand and develop it to what it is today!

So Without Further Ado…

We hope you enjoy the Episode! If you have any questions or comments, either drop it in the comments section below, or throw a tweet to @ThePhorestWord or @Waxperts

Check out the full salon video interview right here:

(Quick Editors Note: We had some problems with the sound so some parts of it might be difficult to hear.  So it might be best to throw on a set of headphones.)

Ellen Kavanagh Phorest TV Hot Seat Series

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