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Why Your Special Offers Might Be Targeting The Wrong Clients

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Why Your Special Offers Might Be Targeting The Wrong Clients

You have probably heard us speak about the difference between Look Good and Feel Good clients. A Look Good client is a client who is mostly concerned with how a treatment makes them look and tend to get things like tans, eye lashes, brows and nails and aesthetic procedures done. The Feel Good client is much more concerned with how treatments make them feel rather than look. These clients get massages, facials and body treatments done.

We think you will agree that most clients can be categorised into either type without necessarily being strictly one type (most women also become more Feel Good as they get older but that is for another day) yet salons fail to consider this when composing offers. Failing to match the offer with the client type is the biggest reason SMS campaigns fail.

The problem is that salons often mix both types of treatments in one offer making that offer attractive neither to the Look Good nor Feel Good client resulting in no or little revenue. We recently had a client who did an

offer to all their facial clients offering a free eyelash tint with a new type of facial and got a poor response. The same client later offered a free 30 minute hot stone massage for anyone who booked a facial and got loads of bookings. What lessons can we learn from this? It tells us that we need to carefully compose our offers and target the offer to the right type of client or you risk spending time and effort (and money) sending an offer that no one is interested in because it sends mixed messages.

The solution is to make sure that the treatments you offer match or if you do an offer on a single service offer it to clients who had the service category before. For example an offer on a massage could be targeted to Feel Good clients who had a facial done before. A more careful consideration of offers you compose will be sure to increase your success rate.

Karolina Markan is the Head of the Online Department here at Phorest. She’s an expert on salon marketing and works with salons to help them increase their revenue by using tools such as SMS and Online Bookings.

Why not request a demo of our salon software today? We can help you get more clients, back more often spending more!


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