3 SMS Ideas to Boost Male Bookings This Fathers Day.


Admittedly this can be a sensitive issue… we found this out the hard way when we sent out a personalised mother’s day message to our Zanadoo users and got back replies along the lines of:

“That’s be great if I had a mother, Mine died in 1986, do your research!”

This can be a scary thought for a business, the last thing you want to do is upset your customers… so when it comes to having a father or Mother’s Day promotion we believe the key is dumping the personalisation rule and making it clear that it’s a generic text. It would seem unreasonable to complain if 1000 other people receive the offer, however if you write “Dear Alvy, Treat your father…” and I don’t have one. Well I might be a little peeved. Alternatively something along the lines of “Deals for Daddy’s…” This could be because you yourself are a dad, you know a dad, or you have a dad!

So with Father’s Day in mind and the feelings of the general public we’ve designed a few sms templates that you can tweak to your heart’s content. Because salons are often suspect to ignoring their male clientele…so make sure all the men in the picture get some pampering this June!

SMS text about;

Male grooming

Defuzz a daddy you know this Father’s Day @beautytree. Free hot towel shave worth £10 w/ every male cut bought in June. Only 5 slots, call now 061397439523

Male Massage

Destressing Daddies this Fathers Day @beautytree. Reward a Dad you know with our Treat4Dads worth £75 now £50 incl facial & massage, 5 slots, book @ 03584935738

General treatments

Escape the grind pamper you & yours w/ Fathers Day specials on all couple t’tments booked @beautytree this June. Limited slots, call now 4 info 30259345843

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