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Does Your Great Customer Service Stretch to Your Social Networking?

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Does Your Great Customer Service Stretch to Your Social Networking?

We have all been a dissatisfied customer at one stage or another, whether you’ve had to wait for hours listening to classical music while on the phone to your bank or the seemingly never ending queue in your local supermarket. One of the biggest places for people to vent or complain is now Facebook and Twitter. People know that by making their complaint public they should see a quick response.

This year make winning customer service your main mission and monitor your social networks carefully in case someone posts a negative comment. Your customers are connected to a lot of people through their social networking and one bad review by a client could mean hundreds of people see it. Keep your Facebook/Twitter page open at reception or check it multiple times a day so that you can respond quickly to customer requests and catch any negative posts as soon as possible.

Protect your reputation with a well thought out and timely response. Start with thanking the poster for bringing their problem to your attention and that you appreciate their feedback even it may have been painful to read. Ask them to give you a call so that you can speak to them or get them to private message you their number so that you can call them.

There is not a business in the world that has not experienced negative feedback at one stage so if this happens to you don’t feel too disheartened. Accidents happen! Remember when anyone posts on your social sites you want to respond to them as quickly as possible. By not logging in everyday you could also be missing private messages from clients looking to book next day appointments.

Jessica Lalor is a Marketing expert at Phorest. She is currently completing her masters in Marketing at the UCD Smurfit School of Business. Her speciality is in Online and SMS marketing. If you would like to contact her please email

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