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Looking For Some Marketing Inspiration In Your Salon? Try These 4 Ideas

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Looking For Some Marketing Inspiration In Your Salon? Try These 4 Ideas

I was talking to a salon owner friend of mine a while back and she told me that things were a bit flat and was wondering what to do. We chatted about a few things and I asked her whether she was using all the tools available to her on her salon software system? It turned out she wasn’t so we got her booked in for some online training and she worked out a plan of action. The results were almost instantaneous. She did an SMS promo which got her 34 bookings within 2 days. She setup an Open Day for the first week of June that has got all her clients really excited. The best thing was that just by getting started on some of these ideas she was now really motivated about her business and this was spreading to her team.

Host an Open Day in your salon.

Sue Woodall wrote a great piece on how to do an open day here. Open Days are a great way to get both your staff and clients excited about your business and especially the products and services you provide.

Send an SMS promotion.

SMS is far and away the quickest and easiest way to fill up white space in your appointment book. We have tons of sample SMS templates on this blog but two good recent blog posts on SMS can be found here and here. If you have never tried an SMS promo before or haven’t had much success with these in the past you must make sure to attend our Free Online SMS training which only takes an hour. Sometimes it is just how you phrase your SMS which will make the difference between 1 call back or 50. Reserve your space by contacting us here.

Launch a Loyalty Program.

A good loyalty system keeps your customers coming back and more importantly spending more with you. If you have never used a loyalty system before then you must read this article. It is so easy to get it going on your Phorest salon software. You can contact Barry our loyalty expert or reserve a space on our online Loyalty training. If you own a hairsalon – we have a fantastic new loyalty system designed just for you called Hairmiles.

Do an Online Early Bird Promotion.

So many people now do everything online. If you are not promoting your online booking service to your current or prospective clients you are potentially losing out on £1000s in revenue. Read about Mary, one of our customers that gets more than £10,000 worth of bookings online every month. Here is a great post on 5 reasons why online bookings is a must in your salon. Contact Alvy now to get setup or for ideas on how to start promoting it to your clients.

Sue Maguire is Sales and Education Director for, a leading salon software provider in the UK and Ireland.

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