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13 Fun Marketing Ideas For Your Salon’s First IGTV Video

Last week, we discussed how Instagram had recently launched a new app and experience called IGTV. Part one of this IGTV-focused article was explaining how all of your existing followers would now be able to watch longer, vertical videos, how unlike Instagram Stories, these videos don’t disappear and how they’re also less formal. I hope that after reading it, you felt excited about the possibilities that this new feature provides! The only question remaining is: What should your first IGTV video be about? Read along for part two today; here are 13 fresh ideas that I hope will inspire you into action.

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13 Titles & Ideas For Your Salon/Spa’s IGTV Video Content

igtv video

Beauty Tutorials

  1. See how we got those beauty waves in 5 minutes!
  2. This is how you should cleanse your lash extensions!
  3. My nightly skin routine… watch me do it!

Product Demos

  1. See exactly which products we use for our signature facial
  2. My newest obsession… this coffee scrub!
  3. Olaplex on icy blonde hair: see how we use it

Beauty Education

  1. The 5 myths that most of my clients have about acne
  2. What I’ve learned about being a mom and an entrepreneur

Spotlight On Your Salon

  1. See an in-depth salon tour, behind the scenes
  2. So excited to show you our new pedicure stations!
  3. Watch us do a lash lift and tint

Spotlight On Your Team

  1. Interview with our newest skin therapist Amanda
  2. Watch behind the scenes of our annual Christmas party!

igtv video

Extra: 4 Hot Tips About IGTV Videos

Your IGTV Video Descriptions Can Contain A Link

However, many of your viewers probably don’t know that, so be sure to tell them in your video to “click the link in the description.”

Try Out Different Video Lengths

You can check your video analytics within IGTV and see which ones perform best. I’ve seen all sorts of video lengths within the app, so don’t feel restricted.

Make Your Cover Attractive & Fun

You can even edit a photo in Canva to add text and visual interest. Just make sure that your cover photo has a 9:16 ratio, so it fits into the screen. This means that the height of the picture should be almost two times the width.

Film In Portrait Mode

Your videos should be filmed in vertical portrait mode, which means that they should be tall. If you’re shooting horizontally, you’ll either have to edit your videos with a different app to make them vertical or your views will have to turn their phones (which they don’t want to do). To make it easier for everyone, just start with vertical from your phone.

I hope this all helps you on your journey to IGTV videos! Remember: your videos don’t need to be perfect. Aim to educate, inspire and entertain… and have fun!

Thanks for reading! #LetsGrow

Featured imaged shot on location of David Ryan Salon, in New York City. © 2018 Phorest Salon Software.

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