The Ins And Outs Of Writing A Salon/Spa Procedure Manual

The Ins And Outs Of Writing A Salon/Spa Procedure Manual

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If a client journey is essential to consolidate customer service and elevate standards within your business, so is a salon/spa procedure manual. In fact, every salon or spa should all have a SOP manual (salon/spa operation procedure manual), but many businesses don’t understand why and where to start when it comes to writing it.

Learn everything you need to know to plan the writing of your manual efficiently. If you do have one, when was the last time it was updated? How often do you use it?

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What Exactly Is This Handbook?

The acronym “SOP” stands for “Salon/Spa Operation Procedures”. By definition, this manual is one to contain every single procedure, each written as detailed as possible.

Why Is This Manual So Important?

Procedures are essential to ensure a smooth running of business. The salon/spa procedure manual helps maintain standards across your business, should you ever wish to expand your venture.

A folder with all your operation procedures guarantees that when you’re away, your colleagues/employees can find everything they need to know if a situation they were unfamiliar with arose.

spa procedure manual

SOP Manuals Unify Customer Service & Experience

An essential aspect of this guide is that it unifies the ways your employees react to certain situations within your business.

Create and review your salon procedures as you go: what suppliers do you have and when was the last time you checked if you can you find better business agreements? What is the current recruitment procedure? Can you implement a form of telephone interview? Where do you find the most efficient, cost-effective locksmith? What is your laundry procedure? What are your Health and Safety procedures? Have you got all your treatment protocols listed? The list goes on.

Where Should It Be Found?
spa procedure manual

Keep your manual on your desk. Think of it as a “live” folder with your salon/spa’s operation best practices; something everyone can (and should refer to). By having it close by at all times, it’s easier to make any amendments or updates, should you have any to do.

Who Can Access My Salon/Spa Procedure Manual?

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Everyone! There are no secrets in your procedures; in fact, you should be encouraging your team to look and update the folder themselves when necessary! For newcomers, why not get them to read through it as part of their induction?

However, bare in mind that this folder shouldn’t be taken out of your business. It is your salon/spa’s intellectual property. You don’t want someone to copy everything and create their own business with your SOP!

When Do I Start?

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Now! There is no time like the present to start listing your salon/spa’s operational procedures. You have most of it already; it just needs to be written down and put together. The more detailed you are, the more you can guide your team(s) to act upon your standards.

How Long Will It Take?

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From scratch, it will take about 6 days to finalise everything and really make it your own. Start by listing what you need to include in your guide and assess when you can realistically create your salon/spa procedure manual. Create yourself deadlines for every section and stick to them! Make sure you think of what is essential for your business first.

Writing your SOP manual may seem daunting at first, but in reality, it’s not that hard. You have most of your procedures in mind; it’s just about writing them down for your team to be able to rely on them!

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