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Teaching Your Staff to Sell…

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Teaching Your Staff to Sell…

Selling can be viewed as a chore by your staff because it is something they think does not come easy. Therapists and Stylists often have a non sales mind set, they do not view themselves as sales people. This can be a sticking point for you as an owner because obviously they are expected to sell and it can frustrating when you are trying to increase your average bill…

 When we use the word “sales person” what immediately springs to mind, could be the “car sales man, the person who sells at the market. Yep that’s usually the association because the word salesperson is often viewed as someone that is pushy! So changing your staff mindset is necessary, after all everybody sells on a daily basis regardless of their job e.g. you sell the fact that you want a new bathroom to your husband, your child can sell you the idea of a new puppy or a woman smitten (sorry ladies) sells her man a marriage proposal that one can work either wayJ (I think you will agree that one takes persistence!)

There are many books, courses and workshops on sales that detail tools and techniques. It is a big business, selling and “How to” sales books are a huge business in themselves, (now that’s clever) making money from a process that comes naturally, when you have the right attitude!

A sale is basically just a process and here are some steps I have found helpful when teaching staff how to sell…

First tackle their mindset especially the “ I’m not a sales person!.

Educate your staff that sales are not bad, they are in fact a necessary exchange or interaction between two or more people (you can use the analogy I have above to help you). Question and challenge their reasoning around sales people, once they understand that sales are a natural process it loosens their grip around fear of selling.

Here’s the process

a. Consult

with clients taking 5 mins before you start your interaction with them (no matter what profession). Break the ice and consult, acknowledge their needs. LISTEN to the client and gather information by asking intelligent questions – this is crucial in the process of a sale.

b. Educate

clients- inform your client the process that you will follow. This sets the expectation and sets the intention for the next hour of their time. Acknowledge their needs and inform clients of possible solutions.

c. Deliver

excellent results with integrity, make sure the service you are providing delivers the results expected (it is a proven fact that people complain when their expectation has not been met). So where possible exceed the expectation and you will get a happy client and one that returns.

When selling enthusiasm coupled with exceptional service: Exceeded Expectations = SALES. In fact in my experience the clients will ask to buy…

Enjoy teaching your staff until next time…

For those who want to know more…Sue Woodall is a salon business consultant who has worked in and with hundreds of salons over the last 20 years – you can contact her on

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