Why a Treat is Better for Your Business than a Discount

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Why a Treat is Better for Your Business than a Discount

A survey of UK consumers in 2012 by Ipsos MORI, found that 70% of consumers prefer a loyalty scheme that offers them better services for being more loyal over occasional discounts. In a nutshell, the majority of your clients are not motivated by the saving but are motivated by being rewarded with additional services for their loyalty.

Ok so we know what the majority of your clients want, but what do YOU want? How about getting your clients to come back more often and spend more money. We have the solution.

Our TreatCard system offers your loyal clients free services and products and generates more revenue for you. In addition to this it actually keeps you away from discounting. The more the client spends, the more they will be rewarded. However they are only rewarded when they have built up the necessary point targets which we help you set.

The way it works for you is the clients build up points every time they spend money in your business. They will also get the opportunity of bonus points on double points days, for referring friends etc. They are then rewarded with services and products they have NEVER had before, opening them up to other services/products in your business. This is your opportunity to up-sell these services and products, and to get as many of your clients as possible to spend money in these areas again.

If we can even get 15% of your clients spending an extra £15 per visit, that adds up to 1000’s of £’s in extra revenue for you. In reality the average percentage of clients who come back to spend money in these areas is 35% plus. Think about that for a moment – that’s a massive 35% of clients who have NEVER spent money on these services before. It’s not unrealistic for the TreatCard system to generate £20,000 or more this year for your business.

Not only does keep your loyal clients happy, it brings you new clients through the referral system which is built in. Once word gets out in your area about your amazing TreatCard this too will bring you new business.

Barry Quinn is in charge of TreatCard Loyalty system for Phorest. You can contact Barry on 02071009290 in the UK or 018747800 in Ireland or by email barry.quinn@phorest.com

Why not request a demo of our salon software today? We can help you get more clients, back more often spending more!


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