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Why Our Bespoke Twitter Consultations Will Maximize Your Salons Online Presence

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Why Our Bespoke Twitter Consultations Will Maximize Your Salons Online Presence

At Phorest we are committed to bringing you the most up to date information, to make sure your marketing stays in the game. We do everything in our power to help your salon or spa maximise its revenue. With this in mind we have developed special salon Twitter Training’s for 2013.


You are probably wondering if your salon really needs Twitter? We would argue most definitely, because more and more people are doing it. You might have a facebook presence worth boasting about, but people are splintering into two streams now: Twitter addicts and Facebook addicts and to give you a real slice of the market out there you’ll need to be managing both.

We recommend that you don’t ignore a potential revenue stream. Not everyone gets ‘new’ things straight away and that’s totally normal. We’re here to help you at whatever level you are at, by offering you a bespoke consultation that will get you tweeting away to your hearts content.

The reason you need to start tweeting is that Twitter is one more communication tool in your toolbox. And it has unique and powerful advantages. While some of the more faddish elements of Twitter may subside over time, the medium itself will continue to serve as a two-way or group “wire service” for spreading news quickly and building like-minded communities. It’s a great way for you to stay on top of news, build your salon’s brand, and gain insight into the needs of your clients and prospects.

Twitter has many advantages over Facebook. For example Twitter’s audience is more sophisticated in terms of using technology and social media. Because a Tweet has only 140 characters a lot of tweets have readers hanging for more information. They will have more questions about what they’ve just read and this is a great way to suck people in.

Don’t underestimate the value Twitter can bring to your business. It has a huge advantage over Facebook in that you can have a conversation with your clients and engage with them in real time. People are tweeting more and more and it’s time you join in too.

Call us at Phorest to book into training to get that added little bit of assistance in this transition. We will provide you with a foolproof action plan for your twitter page and give you all the advice you need to get the most from your tweets.

Helen is our resident Twitter Junkie! She’s an online marketing specialist and is on hand to give you any hints and tips you might require. If you’d like to book into training please contact Helen at


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