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Every quarter, we work tirelessly to create the freshest, most impactful salon eBooks, specifically tailored to guide you in running a successful salon business. When mastered, these pillars of the hair and beauty industry will guarantee that your salon or spa business will stand tall amongst your competitors. And best of all, they are created as an easy-to-read, step-by-step guide:

The Salon Owner’s Ultimate Guide To Client Retention

Get your clients back in more often, spending more! All the tools you need are contained within the pages of this guide book.

The Salon Owner’s Client Retention PlayBook

Salon management and marketing strategies that are guaranteed to have your clients flooding back through your doors like never before.

The Salon Owner’s Ultimate Guide To Facebook

Get the tools and knowledge to become a salon Facebook Master by following this game-changing eBook.

The Salon Owner’s Ultimate Guide To Snapchat

Become an expert at the fastest growing social media platform ever, and drive a whole new generation of clients through your doors.

The Salon Owner’s Ultimate Guide To Shaping A Retail Culture

From interviews to display tips and social media advice, get the confidence you need to truly embrace the opportunity that is retail.

The Salon Owner’s First Steps To Online Reputation

The ABCs of navigating through your online reputation. Take control of how people treat, react, and review your salon business online.

The Salon Owner’s Email Marketing Gameplan

One of the most effective ways to drive clients back through your doors, that is, once you have your plan in place!

The Phorest Academy Webinars

The Phorest Academy: Become A Client Retention Master

Theory can only get you so far. Join the next Phorest Academy Client Retention Masterclass and find out exactly how to get your clients back in more often, spending more.
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The Phorest Academy: Salon Facebook Masterclass Webinar

There are 4 key, practical things that will ensure that your salon’s Facebook page becomes a client-booking engine. Join the next Phorest Academy Facebook webinar to find out exactly what these 4 crucial areas are.
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The Phorest Academy: Introduction To Snapchat

We’ve never been more individually targeted with information, new social media platforms, apps and advertising. Join us on the Phorest Academy Introduction to Snapchat and kick off your journey on the fastest growing network.
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The Phorest Academy: Mastering Your Online Reputation

Ever wondered what to do to ensure your salon had the very best online reputation? Join us for this exclusive webinar where you will learn exactly how to take control of how clients treat, react and rate your business online.
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The Phorest Academy: Salon Retail Masterclass

Selling retail doesn’t have to be hard. Don’t miss this exclusive webinar in which you will learn the tricks and tactics to have retail flying off your shelves like never before!
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The Phorest Academy: Salon Instagram Masterclass

It’s not all about the likes! Join us on the Phorest Academy Instagram Masterclass and turn your account into a premier marketing game-changer for your salon.
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Phorest FM: The Salon Owner’s Podcast

A weekly roundup of our most recent salon owners marketing tips and tricks, all the latest in and around Phorest and what new and upcoming webinars you can expect to see. Produced every Monday morning for your enjoyment!

Phorest Blog: Audio Version

Join us today on the audio version of the Phorest Blog and learn how to grow your salon or spa business with our very latest innovative salon management tips, tricks and advice!

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