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25 Reasons That Will Make You Value Rebooking Clients

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25 Reasons That Will Make You Value Rebooking Clients

The process of rebooking clients is perhaps the fastest and most economical way of making your business busy. Ultimately, it makes it easier to plan your marketing efforts, find the right strategies to fill in empty slots and allows for better business planning and investments overall. Despite this, many salon and spa owners omit to take advantage of the opportunity. Here’s a guarantee: if you don’t rebook clients, they won’t automatically come back to you. In fact, according to Bene’s Career Academy – Beauty School in Florida, “it’s estimated that clients who rebook before they leave make an average of 50% more visits to the salon and spa per year than clients who don’t.”

And although I’ve only just illustrated a few business benefits to rebooking clients, the process is just as beneficial for the customer. As the title clearly states, let’s have a look at the 25 reasons that will make you think twice about omitting to rebook customers.

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25 Eye-Opening Facts About Rebooking Clients

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For You, The Salon/Spa Owner, Rebooking Means…

  1. A simple way to increase your business’ income
    Retaining clients costs 5x less than attracting new ones, in addition to getting the chance of increasing their average bill spend.
  2. A way to keep a steady stream of customers
    By rebooking clients, you ensure you build a database of regular clients.
  3. More control over your salon’s schedule
    You get to plan ahead and fill in the harder spots to fill on your salon scheduling software.
  4. Lesser chances of overbooking stylists and therapists
    Filling in your appointment book in advance reduces confusion and chances of overbooking.
  5. Making it easier to plan and invest in your business’ future
    The longer ahead you’re booked, the easier it is to plan your business’ income and wealth. This also makes it easier to plan and invest in your salon or spa’s future.
  6. A happy, engaged and stable team
    It’s always easier to be motivated and engaged when the business is busy. Who doesn’t dream of that!
  7. Reducing the costs related to attracting new clients
    By increasing the number of returning customers, you can relieve the pressure of finding new business.
  8. Increased client loyalty
    At the core of its concept, rebooking is also taking in consideration of your customers’ well-being, which ultimately wins their heart and turns them into fans of yours!
  9. Having a better insight into your salon or spa’s performance
    A high performing salon or spa usually tends to have high rebooking rates. By having an idea of what your rates are in your salon and setting goals to improve these rates, you’re putting in a position of growth.

rebooking clients

Rebooking Clients Also Has A Positive Impact On Your Staff Team

  1. It helps ensure they’re busy
    Clients get rebooked with the same therapist or stylist. The more your employees will rebook customers, the busier they get over time. After all, it’s not like new clients will stop coming!
  2. Increases their chances of meeting their targets
    Simple, but true! The more the clients, the more the opportunities!
  3. Gives them a greater chance at making commission or bonuses
    Once they meet their target, they could fall into bonuses, which is a great motivator.
  4. It means they can concentrate on providing a world-class experience
    Less time focusing on getting new clients means more time for customer service!
  5. Makes trustworthy client/stylist or therapist relationships easier to build
    We all know that building a relationship takes time and effort. Try to build a relationship with someone you see once every six months! I can guarantee it’ll be harder.
  6. Rebooking clients provides peace of mind
    Being busy also translates into a stable job and lower stress levels.
  7. It’s a great motivator
    Being in demand is a great feeling. That’s something no one can deny.
  8. Ensures consistency in client experience and reviews
    Returning customers come back because they love the service and the feeling they have once they leave the salon. They come back for this feeling. Getting them in more often allows them to build a relationship with their therapist or stylist, and this will reflect into the reviews they leave.

rebooking clients

From A Customer’s Point Of View

  1. Means better long-term results
    We all know that clients who return more regularly for their appointments get better long-term results. That alone is a massive benefit.
  2. Makes them feel valued
    By explaining the benefits of them coming back within the ‘x’ amount of weeks, it gives the impression you really care about their well-being.
  3. Reduces disappointment and last minute appointment panics
    We’ve all been there before. That one time we needed an appointment for like… yesterday. Pre-booking = no disappointment.
  4. No more need to research new places
    You really make your customer’s busy life simpler!
  5. Also, reduces the likelihood of bad hair/beauty weeks
    Admitting they weren’t pre-booked and failed to get an appointment at the time they wished, they’ll have to spend days/weeks feeling unhappy with their looks. Trust me, that’s a situation no client wants to be in.
  6. Allows for appointments at times that suit
    People love choice and being in control. Pre-booking customers allows them to pick a day and time that suits them.
  7. They’re offered more than just treatments maintenance
    Pre-booking also means cross-promoting your services so ultimately, they’ll be offered more than just that one every two months treatment maintenance.
  8. And finally, it establishes trust
    Again, I can’t stress this enough. Trustworthy relationships don’t build themselves overnight: they take time. The more often you see your client and wow them, the more that person will trust you.


It’s imperative that you educate your customers and staff about the benefits of rebooking. For instance, regarding clients, don’t assume they’ll know how long their colour will last. You’re the expert, help them achieve the best results they can get, and they’ll come back every time. As for your employees, I can guarantee you’ll see a boost in happiness and general engagement in your salon or spa once they get busier, achieve targets and start feeling great about being in such demand. Rebooking clients really is a win-win process. So until next time – when I’ll be illustrating ways to get clients to clients to rebook – thanks for reading!



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