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Take Part In The Brand New #30Days2Grow Salon Challenge

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Take Part In The Brand New #30Days2Grow Salon Challenge

Expenses have gone up. Wages have gone up. When it comes to salons, financially, everything seems to be going up… Except for your average client bill! Not knowing where to start, many salons are facing a real dilemma with trying to raise their revenue. That is where the #30Days2Grow salon challenge, powered by Phorest Salon Software, comes in.

During the month of July, Phorest is galvanising the industry in a one-of-a-kind challenge, and we’re inviting salons across the world to join in.

The #30Days2Grow Salon Challenge

#30Days2Grow is a FREE initiative which aims to help salons grow their businesses and their average bills through a series of daily challenges & tasks which participants will carry out over the course of the month of July.

Every day, from July 1st to 30th, we will provide participating salons with a simple, easy-to-execute challenge designed to get their clients coming back more often and spending more. Don’t worry; along the way, we will be providing you with exclusive tips, ideas and templates on how to accomplish each task.

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#30Days2Grow salon challenge

About The Challenge

#30Days2Grow is a one-of-a-kind challenge for salon owners and their teams to grow their businesses. This challenge involves no cost; proposed tasks are designed to make you money – not take it away! 🙂

Who Can Participate?

Salon teams from all around the world! Participation in #30Days2Grow is open to both clients and non-clients of Phorest Salon Software. Teams don’t need salon software to participate.

Why Should You Take Part?

We live in a deep-discounting culture where salon prices have largely remained the same for years. However, expenses and overheads have substantially increased. All in all, #30Days2Grow is a fun and unique challenge designed to help you grow your revenue by implementing some super easy ideas and helping you put your salon to the forefront of your clients’ minds.

“It is hoped that the impact of  #30Day2Grow will continue well beyond the 30 days and the skills taught over the course of the month will benefit participants and their businesses long into the future”. – Ronan Perceval, Phorest Salon Software CEO


Ask yourself and your team: “If we challenged ourselves for 30 days, could we take our salon to the next level?” With #30Days2Grow, the answer is “YES”.

#30Days2Grow salon challenge

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Real success doesn’t come in leaps. It comes in taking the right steps in the right direction! Let’s make July 1st step one. Challenge yourself and join thousands of other salons to kick off the summer with success!

Registration and participation in the #30Days2Grow Salon Challenge are free – all you need is a little bit of drive, motivation and hunger for success!

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