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7 Simple Salon Acts of Kindness to Generate HUGE Goodwill Towards Your Brand

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7 Simple Salon Acts of Kindness to Generate HUGE Goodwill Towards Your Brand

Nothing creates an awareness and love for your brand like emotion. There’s no need to spend big money being everywhere all of the time. In fact you just have to be remarkable – do something clever and sincere that will create a wow factor and essentially prove to existing and potential clients that you have so much more to give than the services you provide.

Here’s seven practical salon acts of kindness that cost virtually nothing and will get locals talking!

1. Do something for those who need a little extra help


This is an amazing piece of sincere marketing from a dry cleaners that can definitely be applied to the hair and beauty industries.  Why not offer one free blow-dry, one free manicure or similar service during quieter days and times for the unemployed.  The knock-on effect will be big – passers-by will tweet and the goodwill towards your business will be invaluable.

Salon Unemployed

2. Just write a heartfelt message on Facebook or Twitter for Your Clients


This message posted by a salon recently got so much traction. Why? Because this salon act of kindness portrayed the reality that the success of a salon is as much about the people who go there as it about the stylists or therapists who work there.  This really touched our hearts.

Post it on your Facebook page or tweet it and show people just how thankful you are to have them as clients.

The message says: Dear Client, If I failed to tell you… or if I don’t say it as often as I should… I want you to know… I truly appreciate your business, I appreciate your loyalty and I appreciate your friendship. I appreciate most of all, that of all the choices you have… you chose me. Thank you for choosing me.’

Salon Clients Thank You
Just right-click on the image and ‘save as’ to download it for posting. 🙂


3. Rain, Rain Go Away

We all hate rain. But coming out of a salon in the rain after paying money to get a style or make-up? Well… it sucks.

So why not go to your local discount store and buy 30 cheap umbrellas.  When a loyal client is leaving the salon offer them an umbrella. If you’re really cheeky, you can just say with a wink “You can bring it back when we see you again!”

This hair salon took it to the next level with a branded umbrella that shows off the clients hair.


4. Using Your Client Card to Make Every Client Feel Special


Here in Phorest Salon Software  we’ve developed a notes section in the software. We recommend that stylists and therapists use these notes for many purposes, but one of them is a salon act of kindness. That act, is simply the act of caring and listening.

If a client talks about an upcoming event; the struggle for their 21 year old son to find accommodation before they return to college or anything of importance and relevance to them, then just take it down e.g. ‘Mary Smyth – son’s wedding – first week of November’.

Every morning don’t just check who’s coming in – read their client notes. Now when Mary returns before or after that wedding, it can be one of the first things you talk about. She’ll be wowed that you remembered.  Everyone wants to feel special!

5. Showcase them – publicly prove they are the pride and joy of your work


Have you just done some amazing nail art?  A style and colour and that has put a smile on your client’s face?   Well then kindly ask them if you can a photo and use it on social media.  This makes them feel special too and is a great showcase for your work. Tag them in the post too 🙂

bride make-up

6. Communicate with them outside the salon


It’s important to have a great relationship with a client. But a friendship is the difference between being loved for what you do vs. being loved for what you do because YOU are the one doing it.


– Send and SMS reminder for the appointment and inject some excitement and informality e.g. just a line like ‘We’re super excited to see you (name)…’

– Send a thank you text after they visit the salon for the first time and put it in the owner’s name.

– With Phorest Salon Software you can also send out an automated email after every appointment asking them to rate the service and give you some feedback.

Salon Act of Kindness: 

– Send a birthday SMS simply saying thank you and happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Danielle. We know this is a special day for you, but it’s a special one for us too because we get to say the most important thing we can ever say: Thank you for choosing Hair & Beauty Ltd. (owner’s name)

7.Top-up their Parking Meter and Don’t Charge for It


If you are based in a city or town you know the annoyance of parking. Particularly if you are on a main street.  But you can use that constraint to create a great chance to fulfill a salon act of kindness. Ask the client where they are parked and for how long. Keep a change jar and if the client runs over, simply top-up the meter.  Refuse to let them pay – chances are your tip will now more than make-up for the cost of wowing them.

parking meter salon

What do you think of these ideas?  Will you use any of them? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

Connor Keppel is Phorest Salon Software’s marketing manager. If you have a question for Connor, email him right here 🙂 –


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