How To Charge A Premium Amount For Your Salon’s Services

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How To Charge A Premium Amount For Your Salon’s Services

Owning a business is not about breaking your back for the sake of trying to squeeze out a living. It is also not about making tons of money at the expense of your health. It’s about maximising your time, bettering your life and others’ along the way. So how can you charge more for your salon’s services and get more bang for your buck?

It’s Not Just About Your Salon’s Services…

Your salon has a culture, a group of people brought together around a common set of values and beliefs. It’s not your salon’s services and products that bind your staff together. It’s also got nothing to do with the size of your business. What makes your salon strong is its culture – the strong sense of beliefs and values.

When employees feel a sense of belonging to your salon, they will work hard for you and the business. Clients will see and feel this as soon as they come through your doors – regardless of your amazing salon’s services. It’s from that moment on that they will choose to belong to your journey or realise you make empty promises.

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Make Sure You:

  • Exceed clients’ expectations
  • Have a great complaint policy in place
  • Employ happy staff (people pleasers)
  • Set up a client journey and role play this with your staff
  • Repeat what works, and change what’s broken
  • Always look for a better way to do things

Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get

If you offer your clients more value than what they think they’re paying for, they will feel that they are getting good value for money. Mind you, I haven’t even talked a cost value yet! Because it doesn’t matter; to the client, all that matters is the perceived value.

For clients to be happy with paying for your salon’s services and products, they must feel that the experience they receive is greater than the cost is to them.

The secret to having a successful business is knowing what your clients want, and delivering it. Focus on clear, specific, and detailed solutions that solve your clients’ problems. Anyone can get a haircut done down the road for $10. So why do so many clients pay different prices? Because they are getting far more than just a haircut or a facial. It goes much deeper that you see, your clients:

  • are connecting with people they like,
  • believe your story,
  • like your salon’s culture,
  • want to feel special,
  • feel younger,
  • are more confident,
  • feel relaxed and calm, and
  • overall enjoy their experience in your business.

This is why there is so much more to it than just a haircut or a facial, don’t you think? Create a great experience and your clients will pay a premium for it.

In the end, what’s the point of running a business if you cannot earn a darn good living from it? The problem is that too many salon owners just think about getting as many clients through the door as possible. Why not work on the clients you have? Look at how you can offer them a better experience in your salon, and charge a premium for your services.

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