The Better Choices Better Leaders Make: What vs Why

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The Better Choices Better Leaders Make: What vs Why

What vs Why. When we frame an idea, a problem, or an opportunity, we are choosing our perspective. Look at a “glass as half-empty,” and we start conserving and protecting. Seeing the same glass as “half-full” and opportunity and growth emerge. Our thinking shifts simply by how we choose to look at or “frame” something. “This vs That… The Better Choices Better Leaders Make” is a video series exploring different concepts, a guide to reframing our perspective on various situations.

Last time, on This vs That…

Two weeks ago, we discussed the core differences between satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, we even took the conversation one step further on episode 116 of the Phorest FM podcast, which you can listen to here. This week, I hope to help you think in a more proactive way.

What vs why questions: are you looking to the future or thinking about the past?

‘What’ questions versus ‘Why’ questions. Why questions take you back in time and are problem-focused.

  • Why were you late?
  • Why don’t you have more clients?
  • Why did you miss your sales numbers?

‘What’ questions are future-based thinking and focus on the solutions.

  • What would need to happen so that you’re on time going forward?
  • What would you need to do differently so that you can capture more clients?
  • What do you need to change in your current planning that will allow you to get to your sales numbers?

Next time you’re asking questions, focus on the ‘What’ questions versus the ‘Why’ questions.

Catch the last (at least for now) “This vs That… The Better Choices Better Leaders Make” video in 2 weeks! And to get your copy of my book “Leave Your Mark,” click here.

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