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Great Content Ideas For Starting Your Very Own YouTube Salon Channel

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Great Content Ideas For Starting Your Very Own YouTube Salon Channel


Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? With more than 1 billion unique users watching over 6 billion hours of video each month (that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth), it is definitely apparent that this is an area that ripe with potential  for your salon.

But one big question comes up.. Say you actually do set up your own YouTube Salon Channel.. What exactly are you going to put on there? Well, that’s where this article comes in.

Here are a couple of ideas that could really help you take advantage of the power of YouTube marketing.


YouTube Salon Promo

Creating your very own salon promotional video is a great way to get your name out there, while also gaining new clients. And the nice thing is, once you have it, well, you have it. This one video should be able to encapsulate what your salon is all about.

Would you like to see an example?

Here’s a great promo by one of our very own clients Envy Hair & Beauty Salon:



Now I know what you’re thinking.. How on Earth am I going to do that? Well, the good news is you don’t have to. There are hundreds of eager and hungry filmmakers in your area looking to show off their skills. Why not drop a line to a local film school and see if somebody would like to do you a video for your YouTube Salon Channel.

Speaking from experience (I actually went to film school), I started out doing free promotional videos for companies, just so I could have material to show to future paying clients.

Just because you can’t do it yourself, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it!

Product Reviews

You’re looking to upsell your products, right? Why not review them online? Create a simple video series around your product range. Discuss the benefits of each product, just as you would if the client was in the salon with you.

This would not only help your clients understand the importance of continual skin & haircare, but also help advertise your brand to future clients as well!

Here is a good example of a quick & easy product review video:

Client Testimonials

Another great way to use your YouTube Salon Channel would be to post client testimonials. This doesn’t have to have big production value either. When clients are finished, you ask them how it was anyway, right? Well, why not just ask if you can record their answer?

What you get here is an amazing form of marketing! It’s one thing for you to say that your salon and your service is the best… It’s another thing to have your clients say it!

Your clients may just even share the videos they are in with their friends (which pushes your brand further).



Now there are loads of other options that you could do as well. You could create some hair and skincare tips for clients to do at home. You could create a cool How-To series on creating new and unique looks.

The possibilities are endless! And in this day-and-age, creating videos is as difficult as it used to be. In fact, if you have a smartphone, you already have a camera that is good enough to start one of these today!


So, what do you think? Any of these ideas sound like something you could do? Or is the idea of setting up your own YouTube Salon Channel still a little too complicated?

If you have an interested in creating your own videos, please let me know. I can dedicate a few future posts to going through exactly how I would prepare, shoot and post them online!

Thanks for reading & good luck!

Chris Brennan is our Social Media & Content Marketing Executive at Phorest Salon Software. For any and all help in this area, why not drop him a quick email at Let’s Grow!


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