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Salon Podcasts: Celebrating 100 Phorest FM Episodes With A New Show!

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Salon Podcasts: Celebrating 100 Phorest FM Episodes With A New Show

It was December 2016 when Phorest Salon Software launched Phorest FM, The Salon Owners Podcast. Two years later, we’re celebrating 100 episodes aired, 100 conversations dedicated to help you grow your business, by introducing you to a brand new show of ours: The Phorest Blog Podcast! With not one, but two salon podcasts, you’re sure to really get all the marketing tips and tricks you need.

Listen to Episode 100 of the podcast, and subscribe to the Phorest FM here:

Phorest FM: One Hundred Thank You’s

Often, a milestone like this means nothing for anyone else outside the team actually producing the content. However, we don’t feel like it’s the case with Phorest FM, The Salon Owners Podcast. The way we see it, we couldn’t have done it with you:

  • your time (tuning in every week)
  • your show format reviews & suggestions
  • your topic ideas
  • your guest recommendations
  • your words of encouragements and support, whether that be face to face, on social media or in photos

Anyways. Because of that, crossing the big 100 feels doing right by you. Last summer, my mentor asked me:

“How would you explain what Phorest FM is or why we produce it to your friend in a bar?”

After carefully thinking about my answer, I told him:

“We’re building a community through exchanges, bridging the gap between salon owners, tech & various industry thought leaders, and creating a bank of invaluable insights for salon owners and staff already in business or anyone looking into getting into the hair and beauty industry.”

Building a community.

Honestly, although we had never come up with a proper written-down-black-on-white mission statement for the podcast, it had always been the essence of the show. The beauty of the show though, is the impacts it has had, and continues to have on salons and spas across the industry. And once again, this is mainly thanks to you! We, as in Phorest & then Killian and myself as co-hosts, might facilitate these discussions every week, but the community around the show and its desire to have these discussions is really what drives it all.

salon podcasts
Co-hosts Killian Vigna & Alex Bélisle-Springer at the post-Salon Owner Summit Inside Phorest event, 2019.

For this, thank you.

Thank you for taking us on this journey week after week, allowing us to learn from you guys – hopefully – as much as you learn from us. For this, we’ve got a new show for you to add to your salon podcasts list!

Phorest Salon Podcasts For The Busy Schedules

The Phorest Blog Podcast

We tried launching this podcast back in December 2016, and for multiple reasons, decided to focus our efforts in growing Phorest FM, The Salon Owners Podcast first. However, we had never let go of the idea, so if you still have no time to read but enjoy the content from the Phorest Blog, then this podcast is for you. Since January 1st, 2019, we’ve been steadily releasing 4 episodes per week (Tuesday through Friday) to help you grow your business.

How is this show different to Phorest FM? Well, think about this one as an audio version of the Phorest Blog. Each episode is only about 5-7 minutes long and we release more per week. If you’ve ever heard of the Blinkist app, then this is quite similar in format (not in the form though, as we read out our articles contrarily to Blinkist, who do book recaps).

Not every article ever written has a recording yet, but we’re slowly going back on all of our work to produce audio versions of every relevant post.

You can catch up on the first 3 weeks of episodes below:

Where To Listen To Both Phorest FM & The Phorest Blog Podcasts

Phorest FM, The Salon Owners Podcast

Phorest Blog Podcast

Happy successful 2019, and cheers to a third year of inspiring and informative discussions! Got feedback? Let us know either in the comments below or tweet us @ThePhorestWord! (Pssst! We’re on Instagram too!)

Thanks for reading! #LetsGrow


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