3 Successful Salon Mother’s Day SMS Campaigns You Can Steal

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3 Successful Salon Mother’s Day SMS Campaigns You Can Steal

As I was trawling the internet to see what salons and spas had begun to promote for Mother’s Day, I stumbled upon this great caption: “You know you have reached that age when you hear your mother’s words in your head more than most! What are you doing to celebrate and recognise the mummys in your family this Mother’s Day?” And so inspired from that, I ask you: What are you doing to celebrate and recognise the mothers in your salon or spa’s client database this year? The messages below are based on actual Phorest Salon Software client Mother’s Day SMS campaigns from last year. Perhaps you’ll feel inspired to write your own…

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Some Of Last Year’s Best Salon Mother’s Day SMS Campaigns, And Why They Worked

* For confidentiality reasons, we have removed all brand name mentions and real opt-out numbers. ‘City Salon’ is a fictional salon name.

Keep in mind that for SMS marketing to be successful and affordable, you must target a specific part of your audience. Sending an SMS to your entire database without a strategy can have impact on your return on investment. The 3 Mother’s Day SMS campaigns below provided an average 21 x return on investment because they were well targeted.

mother's day sms campaigns
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Treat Your Mom To Some Quality Time And Treatments

The message: Treat your mum to a facial for Mother’s Day @ <<salonname>> & both get a free mani in April. Quality time/ Quality treatments <<bookinglink>> OptOut:00000000000

Amount of SMS sent: 1520 SMS

What it cost: €91.00

Revenue generated: €1538.00

Why it worked: Because it would be impossible to book in even just 50% of your client list one single day, the call-to-action here works well and is clear. Change it to March this year, and you’ve got yourself a winning SMS campaign that paints a lovely picture in your customer’s mind. After all, think about it. When’s the last time you treated your mother to a fun activity with you?

Don’t Overlook Vouchers

The message: You think you know what your mum wants? Think again! Treat her to a <<salonname>> gift voucher this Mother’s Day. Call <<salonnumber>> OptOut:00000000000

Amount of SMS sent: 372 SMS

What it cost: €22.32

Revenue generated: €645.00

Why it worked: You can’t go wrong when you decide to promote vouchers. The perfect gift for mom’s who won’t tell you what they want, or better yet, don’t want you to get them anything, vouchers for a salon/spa treatment are always received with a big smile. But if you’re using vouchers, make sure your accountant put them through correctly, so that you really get the best out of their use.

Salon/Spa Treatment Package

The message: Hi <<clientfirstname>> BUNDLES for MOTHER’S DAY, TODAY UNTIL 1/4/17 Blowdry&Shellac €35 / Cut Blowdry&Shellac €55 / Shellac Hands&Feet €40 OptOut:00000000000

Amount of SMS sent: 298 SMS

What it cost: €17.88

Revenue generated: €331.00

Why it worked: Bundling up treatments and services can be more attractive deals for special holidays and gifts. In this instance, the salon’s message is clear, concise and has a precise call-to-action (today until 1/4/17). Remember, the best Mother’s Day SMS campaigns tend always to be simple, clear and to the point, while putting your salon or spa in a positive light and also reminding them that you’re still there.

If you were looking to promote retail and voucher packages instead, you could send something like what one of our clients did last year and saw a good return on: “Delight someone special this Mother’s day with a City Salon Gift Voucher. Also, this Mothers day 3 for 2 offer on Redken products. Call 00000000000.” Whatever you choose to promote though, remember the 5 rules for composing a successful SMS:
  1. Personalise
  2. Keep it Clear & Concise
  3. Include a Timeframe & Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)
  4. Give the Offer a Monetary Value
  5. Include an Opt-out
Looking for some more Mother’s Day marketing ideas & freebies? Don’t forget to check out our latest marketing ideas blog and download the free toolkit!

mother's day sms campaigns

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