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How Salon Music Influences Buying Behaviour

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How Salon Music Influences Buying Behaviour

Creative consistency in your business is key. Picture this: you open the door to a sweet retro looking salon expecting to hear some of the best tunes from the 80’s… BUT OH LORD! Confused, you wonder if you missed a sign saying something along the lines of: “Be advised: we play loud techno salon music here.”

Wouldn’t that considerably ruin your first impression of the salon? Whether it be in your waiting rooms, at the reception areas or the treatment rooms, your salon music playlist should reflect your business’ image.

Determining The “Right” Salon Music Playlist For You

Every salon is unique and key-in-hand perfect playlists to match your style might be really hard to find. However, if you’re into curating some yourself, here’s some advice:

  1. Put aside your own musical tastes and go-to songs.
  2. Consider the age & type of clientele you tend to attract.
  3. Do they appreciate music discovery or do they prefer known territory?
  4. Get a feel for your clients’ preferences: ask them which concerts they’ve attended recently or what kind of music they like.
  5. Does your music feel natural?
  6. Is your salon music playlist consistent throughout its whole duration?

Think about it this way: you’re already aiming to create the most amazing experience for your clients. How well can you keep each other’s company? Music should be part of your whole experience, so don’t chase trends. It’s all about perception.

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Musical Perception? What Does That Even Mean?

I’ll save you the details, but there’s been plenty of studies around the world on the way people perceive certain musical genres. For example, blues has been associated with at ease, creative, outgoing, high self-esteemed people, while classical music will give be all about creativity, self-esteem and a sense of poshness. But this isn’t right in all contexts. Keep this in mind when creating your salon music playlist. Mark my words: you DO NOT want to come off as something you’re not.


Guessing Your Clients’ Musical Tastes

These same studies also showed that people who strongly respond to emotions tend to prefer mellow, unpretentious music. So if most of your clients are highly creative people or tend to be the empathetic type, you might want to opt for a relaxed indie vibe.

If most of your clients are professionals who respond well to rules and patterns, say lawyers for example… then you might be better off playing something a little more complex, something classical or even some jazz.


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Can A Salon Music Playlist Really Grow Your Business?

Music is known to have a great impact on sales and overall client experience. Here are a few things to know about increasing sales and productivity with music:

  1. Low tempo songs will make your clients feel relaxed, more inclined to spend time in your salon, spending more.
  2. Classical music tends to increase sales and can lead customers to buying more expensive products.
  3. Music playing while your clients are on hold will make them stay longer on  the line, playing with their perception of time.
  4. Well known music tends to be distracting, people will want to sing along.
  5. Moderate music level can enhance creativity.
  6. Slower paced music is ideal in the morning.
  7. A slightly faster paced playlist is perfect to counter post lunch slumps.


Choosing the right salon music playlist isn’t the easiest task as it takes time, but it’s definitely worth it. Have fun with it! If you run out of inspiration, you can have a listen to our Spotify Salon Playlist, in which we rounded up 100 summer tunes!

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