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September Salon Promotional Ideas For The Debs Season

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September Salon Promotional Ideas For The Debs Season

The days just keep flying by! Your September salon promotional ideas and toolkit have arrived, and that also means summer is officially over, leaving the hair and beauty industry with two amazing marketing opportunities: back-to-school and debs. As usual, we cover ideas and how-to’s in our blog post and offer you a free downloadable toolkit full of ready-to-post content.

This month, expect to receive six promotional offers graphics and ten SMS templates for the debs season, one debs beauty preparation checklist you can share with your clients, 4 mud pack day graphics and last but not least, two email templates to use for reconnecting with a long-lost client. Hope you enjoy!

Debs: How To Make Your Salon Or Spa The ‘Hot Spot’

Since we covered everything back-to-school related in last month’s marketing toolkit and promotions, these September salon promotional ideas are all about debs and grads! Needless to say, it’s a huge marketing opportunity for any business in the beauty and hair industry. Not only is it a great time to introduce your business to another audience, but it’s also your chance to make a long-lasting impression and generate new loyal clients.

How To Promote Your Offers

  • On Instagram and on Facebook, leverage past years’ before and after photos. Show off the different styles you created and advertise your online booking link!
  • Give extra loyalty points to clients who refer friends.
  • Send some SMS marketing campaigns to promote your specials offers (if you can market to the teen, market to the mother!).
  • In the weeks coming up to ‘the big event’, publish debs related content on your social media channels: how-to’s, makeup, nail and hair inspiration, planning tips, etc.
  • Host a few social media contests using the ‘Like our page, like this post and tag a friend’ method for which the winners get a free ‘x’-minutes consultation with one of your stylists or therapists.
  • Run a paid Facebook Ad promoting your specials offers and target clients and non-clients in your area (download “The Salon Owner’s Ultimate Guide To Facebook” for a full how-to guide).

Debs Marketing Ideas

  • Create different special packages at three different price points, for instance:
    • Blowout + makeup touch up
    • Blowout, makeup + lashes
    • Hair gloss, blowout, makeup touch up + lashes
  • Pre-debs preparation event: live demonstrations in the salon after which you can start taking appointments
  • Group rates
  • Referral advantages (think about extra TreatCard points, complimentary treatment for a debs-related referral, etc.)
  • Put together goodie bags full of debs-related accessories

Download the September marketing toolkit at the end of this post for pre-made special offer graphics and debs-related SMS templates.

The Advantage Of Having An Effective Loyalty System

  • 81% of consumers are more likely to continue doing business with brands that offer loyalty rewards
  • 85% of loyalty program members prefer interacting with their favourite loyalty program via mobile
  • A physical key tag helps keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s mind
  • When used correctly, loyalty systems have a substantial impact on your revenue (the Phorest TreatCard, for instance, can generate up to 21% extra revenue)

Related | Frank Di Lusso, from award-winning hair salon Frank Di Lusso Hair, on the benefits of having an effective salon loyalty system

Additional September Salon Promotional Ideas

If you’re based elsewhere than the United Kingdom or Ireland, for you, prom season might actually be from April to May. For this reason, we’ve carefully selected three international days that are easily marketable and that should complement your existing content calendar.

World Beard Day | September 2nd, 2017

If you own or work in a barbershop, debs and grads won’t be your best marketing opportunity. However, World Beard Day might be! You could easily:

  • Create a special ‘Beard Day’ package. This could include a haircut and hot towel shave, an express facial and a beard trim, etc. By introducing a new treatment to a regular customer, you might just get them to start booking it every time they come in!
  • Run a social media competition targeting your client base. Offer the winner to bring a friend in for a beard trim!
  • Use video marketing to promote your cuts, trims and shaves on the day (think Instagram stories and Snapchat)!

Locate An Old Friend Day | September 17th, 2017

I’m going to start by saying there are four different ways of accomplishing this. First, however, you need to identify and make a list of long-lost clients. The rest is up to you. You could:

  • Send a targeted SMS aimed at booking them back in with a short and sweet message.
  • Use email marketing to create a few special offers aimed at getting these clients back in. Oh, and don’t forget to add an online booking link in your email!
  • Send a personalised postcard by mail to this list of clients (while this takes up more time, one of our clients did this during the #3oDays2Grow challenge and managed to rebook clients who hadn’t visited the salon in a year!)
  • If you use Phorest Salon Software, give the Client ReConnect feature a try (watch explainer video here).

Download the September marketing toolkit at the end of this post and get 2 email templates made to get long-lost clients back in!

Mud Pack Day | September 30th, 2017

Mud Pack day is the perfect opportunity to refresh your retail displays and bring forth facial products! Another thing you could do is advertise on social media a 24-hour offer on facials. For example, you could say for every facial booked on the day, a pre-determined complimentary service will be added to the appointment. This international day is also great to put your video marketing skills to the test. Use Instagram stories, Facebook Live or even Snapchat to post a how-to-apply tutorial, a product demonstration or host a Q&A!

Don’t forget to download your marketing toolkit, designed to work hand in hand with these September salon promotional ideas!

Not a Phorest client? Request a free demo today and see all the other ways we can help you get clients in more often, spending more! If you have any thoughts or comments on these September salon promotional ideas, let us know here or tweet us @ThePhorestWord!

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Featured imaged shot on location of the Roller Blow Bar. © 2017 Phorest Salon Software.

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