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The Bizarre Side Of The Beauty Industry – True Salon Client Stories

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The Bizarre Side Of The Beauty Industry – True Salon Client Stories


Ahh the life of a beauty therapist, everyone thinks its easy peasy. I mean the field of beauty was voted the highest satisfaction with the happiest of employees….

But what they don’t tell you is all the weird and wonderful – ahem –
events – that happen – that have to be seen to be believed.

These are some of the more bizarre and surreal salon client stories..


The Beauty Sector is full of Buzz words: ANTI-AGING, BOTOX LIKE, CLEAR SKIN, ANTI
OXIDANTS, REDUCE WRINKLES to names but a few.

A lady of about 60 – had in a microdermbrasion facial in a fancy
Dublin suburb. She was delighted with her treatment and even tipped
the therapist.

She then walked in the next day, a face that would sour milk, anger
pulse from her veins.
– when asked why – – her anti-aging facial didn’t get rid of all the wrinkles.

After about an hour of conjoling and consoling – she finally
understood that no facial could get rid of wrinkles bar botox and


The next true salon client story involves a wealthy American billionaire – yes a BILLIONAIRE, asked to get a pedicure. He was travelling across Europe, Ballroom Dancing with his wife.

I asked him to get set up for the Milk and Honey pedicure. You know, to take off
his shoes and place his feet into the bath.
I was called away briefly by his wife who asked me a question.

When I returned…lo and behold – there was his TOENAILS AFLOAT – yes
in the pedicure bath – nearly every single one.

His wife scream, “ Harold I told you those nails were going to fall
To my horror, he turned to me with all seriousness – “you can still do
my pedicure cant you?”
Needless to say, I couldn’t as he had no nails and all the equipment
had to be thrown out! EWWWWW



Okay, that last salon client story might have been a bit icky.. How about this one?

A beautiful Russian lady of about 45 was in. She had a pixie haircut with petite features and body. Recently married to an American they were on their honeymoon.

Five times she came in – to ENSURE that we knew that she wanted a DEEP
tissue massage. Anyone who knows me – knows that:

1) I give extremely deep massages

2) I am probably 3x the height and weight of this woman.

She again told me that she would JUMP off the bed if the massage was
no good. Again I assured her she would be more than happy. Hey, I
understand her point.. There is NOTHING worse than a bad massage!

We started the massage, and she relaxed into a different person within
5 minutes. About half way through – she opened up to me, “I am a

Yes you read that right – she said it just like that: I Am A Fairy.

In our industry, people get half naked and would tell you intimate things – but this was a new one.

She began to tell me how she was looking for her spiritual brethren in
Ireland  (They’re not in Dublin by the way).

She said how she found out she was a fairy, what she can do etc….
At the end of the massage, she reached up, finger pointed in the
middle of my forehead and told me, “Now, you’ve been touched by a
Yes indeed!


As a therapist it is vital that you look at the client’s treatment
records, their health conditions, surgeries, etc, as it can have ill
effects to the clients.

Years ago – I had a smallish gentleman, European, in for a relaxing
massage. He signed his name, no medical conditions, no surgeries, no
nothing. GREAT – perfect clients!

I walked into the treatment after telling him to lie face down and
place his hands in the appropriate place etc… Upon walking in, I
just felt that something was … I dunno… off.
What could it be?

Lights were dim (check) , music on (check), client on the bed (check),
massage oil (check), but still I felt it.. something was off.

Then out of the corner of my eye, there was one leg.
Yes one leg – well and  ¾ of the other leg.

Then I looked as if I didn’t know already – there was a leg missing from my client.

I excused myself again from the room politely and went out to re-read
the form- and NOPE – this particular salon client did not put that down on his medical

This lead me to the quandary – DO I pretend that there is no leg??– as
he didn’t say anything..
Does he want me to massage it (it can actually hurt and have a sensation)

What to do what to do!?

So I bit the bullet – and asked. He was lax about it – saying, “Yeah
massage it” and — even odder – “massage the air space around it”
So yes – I had to massage air…

There are many more – weird and wonderful clients to add to the list – but this will give you a flavour of what we encounter in the beauty business!

Have you had some bizarre experiences with clients?

Linda Mullen, Oceana Treatment Rooms


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