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Bring Middle Eastern Luxury To Your Salon: Our Top 5 Salon Tips

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Bring Middle Eastern Luxury To Your Salon: Our Top 5 Salon Tips


As the second most populous city in the prosperous United Arab Emirates, it should come as no surprise that Abu Dhabi is home to a large number of beauty salons. On a recent business trip to the city, the lovely Caroline from our training team here at Phorest had the opportunity to see what one of these salons had to offer.

Salon Tips From The Middle East


We have sifted through the more unique aspects of the salon visit that stood out to Caroline. In order to mimic this WOW factor in your own salon why not check out these simple but invaluable tips:

Abu Dhabi Salon Tip 1:


When Caroline arrived at the Abu Dhabi salon, she was greeted and handed a menu of refreshment options for her to choose from during her treatment. These refreshments included not only a large range of teas and coffees but also lemonade (freshly squeezed in the salon!) and water at varying temperatures. It would be just as impressive to create a brief beverage menu including perhaps a couple of different types of coffee and a selection of herbal teas. Caroline described the salon as having it’s very own coffee bar. However, investing in something as simple as a Nespresso machine means that you can offer your clients a wide range of easy-to-make coffees.

Abu Dhabi Salon Tip 2:



Caroline tells us that at every station in the salon there was a small T.V screen for each client’s entertainment. Clients also had access to the salon’s iPads. If this seems a step too far, why not simply ensure that every client can see the one or two TVs you already have in your salon from their station?

Abu Dhabi Salon Tip 3:



In order to convey a high level of focus on your clients, adopt a “no distractions” policy. Caroline noticed that the staff were fully immersed in their work and did not interact with each other unnecessarily.  This resulted in a quieter and much calmer salon experience.

Abu Dhabi Salon Tip 4:



Caroline observed that clients were extremely specific about what staff would be assigned to them for their treatment. In fact, clients were able to request staff from locations related to specific treatments e.g. an Indian therapist for an Indian head massage!  Being able to assign therapists to specific roles can be very beneficial in ensuring that the client is more than happy with the standard of their treatment.

Abu Dhabi Salon Tip 5:



It might be an idea to up skill staff with a simple lesson in massage.  Caroline was surprised to find that clients were treated to complimentary treatments when they were in the salon for a long duration. Even something as thoughtful as providing a pillow for somebody seated  for a couple of hours can be seen as truly luxurious.



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