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New Partnership; New Routes to Salon Success

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New Partnership; New Routes to Salon Success

Over the last year, the hair and beauty industry has proven its resilience and adaptability. As we emerge from this experience with new knowledge, it has never been more important for salon owners to visualize what long term success will look like. And to implement strategies that will get you closer to that reality everyday. 

This new era calls for the right tools. Phorest Salon Software empowers salon owners with a top-class digital experience for managing your business. Phorest are now proud to announce their new partnership with HC Beauty.  Through this collaboration, Phorest and HC Beauty believe they can deliver a 360° supportive environment for helping salons grow. 

Meet HC Beauty

HC Beauty is a full service distributor and education provider with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Founder Arsalan Hafezi and his wife Arezo began their journey in the beauty industry in 1989 with the opening of Modern Salon & Spa in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Modern Salon & Spa brand has since grown to 5 locations with over 150 employees.  HC Beauty offers salon professionals in Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, North Florida, Maryland and DC access to premium tools and supplies, as well as salon consulting, business mentorship, and technical education in all the latest skills and techniques they need to thrive. 

Speaking on the partnership, Patricio Ramirez, VP of Strategic Planning at Phorest said:

We love HC Beauty’s commitment to helping salons grow and achieve their dreams. We, at Phorest, live and breathe the same commitment. Both companies empower salons through education and tools to achieve their full potential. We are very excited about this opportunity. Together we will unlock even more possibilities to support salons.”

Arsalan Hafezi, Founder of HC Beauty, shared that it has been essential for them to keep up with trends in the industry even outside of hair.  

“That’s why we wanted to partner with Phorest,” he said. “If you do not keep up with technology, you could be left behind. HC Beauty proudly partners with more than 15 different businesses of the highest-quality products, sundries, and now software – Phorest. This business model has allowed us to bring salon owners every beauty and business option imaginable. It is our hope that you take the first step in creating a more profitable business by allowing HC Beauty & Phorest to uncover your salon’s full potential.”

A winning combination

Utilizing the digital capabilities of Phorest in tandem with HC Beauty’s resources is a formula for success.  As Arsalan Hafezi is fond of saying, “Knowledge is not power; knowledge is potential power – power that’s released only when it’s put into practice.”  Phorest Salon Software enables salon owners to gain a deeper understanding of their business through powerful reporting features. 

Alongside HC Beauty, Phorest can support salons as they put these insights into action. Grow your influence with advanced, integrated marketing features

  • Customize campaigns with SMS and email marketing templates
  • Reach the right audience by targeting specific types of clients based on their history
  • Measure results by following your clients’ engagement after the campaign directly through your POS.

Like Phorest, HC Beauty makes business personal. HC Beauty is genuinely empathetic to the day-to-day challenges of running a salon and is committed to using their experience to help others in the industry succeed. Consider Phorest and HC Beauty two members of your extended salon team. Each is devoted to your aspirations.

Working together, Phorest and HC Beauty will give you the tools and guidance you need to reach your goals.


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