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STOP making it so difficult for your clients to make a booking.

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STOP making it so difficult for your clients to make a booking

A lot of you already know that online booking is a very useful tool for bringing more clients into your business. Not only does it take away a lot of the stress of managing appointments and worrying if your client will actually arrive, it also makes booking with your salon a much more convenient experience for your client.

No longer are clients restricted to only booking in during your working hours, or having to leave voicemails hoping you get to it in time before their appointment. They have more control over their appointments, and you are comforted in the knowledge that it’s all safe, secured and managed by your Phorest system.

So, today, we are taking a look at how Online Bookings can really help your business:

>>> Clients have 24 hour access 7 days a week to your appointment slots within your Phorest system. They can’t see other appointments – all they can see are slots where their appointment can fit in.

>>> Immediate access to treatments durations, prices and even descriptions. If you update your prices in Phorest, online booking will do the same!

>>> Clients are not limited on how far into the future they can book. This is especially important for clients that want to book now but know they do not have the money to put down a large deposit or pay for the full treatment up front. Online booking takes a small deposit on booking, to secure the booking. This means that your client can book in for their appointment on payday knowing that they will have enough set aside to treat themselves.

>>> Online bookings leads to lower cancellations and no shows, because we give the client some control over their appointments. Appointments are usually rescheduled rather than cancelled as there are strict rules on canceling: A client cannot cancel outside of a cancellation policy that you decide on. No-shows happen less because the client has chosen a time that suits them, and not been put under pressure to accept a time read to them over a phone.

>>> Talking about phones, online bookings are more convenient for your customer as they can look for appointments that are more suitable for their schedules. This means they won’t need to ring you as often!

Your Clients Want To Know


An important thing to remember is to remind your clients of some of the benefits of using online booking frequently. It doesn’t cost them anything, and it means you can spend more time giving your clients a fantastic experience.

Here are some tips for next time:

Facebook – Try mentioning on your Facebook page that you have online bookings. You can have the link placed in the post as well to make it even easier for your client to get to the facility. (Phorest can also place a button on the top of your Facebook page to direct people who like your page to online booking.) Try posting something like the below text frequently to remind clients of the facility.

“Thinking of phoning us for your next appointment? Why not try our free online booking system at or by clicking the book now button at the top of your page. 24 Hour access 7 days a week, see all treatments, prices and up to date special offers. Give it a whirl”

Boost this posts to reach thousands more potential clients as well!

Voicemail – Try changing your voicemail greeting to mention the online bookings. Something like the following will do usually.

“Sorry we can’t answer the phone at the moment, we are either closed or in treatment with other clients. However we do have an online booking system at available 24 Hour a day 7 days a week, where you can book your appointment. Feel free to also leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible”

In person – When a client comes to visit you for a treatment, or even just a walk in. All you need to do is mention that you offer free online booking on your website or Facebook account. There’s a high chance they didn’t know and may use it next time.

If you have any questions regarding Phorest online booking facilities, or would like to get them set up, then please contact Tom at

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