The Five Letter Word Every Salon Owner Needs To Know!

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The Five Letter Word Every Salon Owner Needs To Know

If you want to be a successful salon owner there’s a five letter word you need to make the absolute core and focus of every business relationship you have. That word is TRUST.

 Why is TRUST so vital? The brutal truth is you can’t you can’t get to a successful salon with staff and clients who don’t TRUST YOU, or you don’t feel you can TRUST!

TRUST is the key to attracting and keeping the raving fan clients and loyal, hardworking, emotionally connected staff that every successful salon is built on.

If you make the mistake of entering any relationship with your staff or clients filled with wariness, waiting for someone to take advantage of you, let you down, or rip you off, you’ll poison the relationship before it even starts.

TRUST, is a short word. It’s easy to say, but for many of us who have been scarred by previous experiences it’s actually hard to achieve. It means taking risks. It means letting go. Of course, there will be staff and clients who disappoint you, but protecting yourself from the few who do it, will cut you off from the vast majority who actually want to surprise and delight you.

If you have trouble trusting your staff and clients and you feel like you’re missing out because of it, the good news is you’ll find a step by step guide to building mutual TRUST in my latest book The Salon Owners Guide To Beating The Recession.

Simon Lotinga is one of the UK’s foremost business coaches for Salon Owners.

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