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Jumpstart Summer With These June Salon Marketing Ideas

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Jumpstart Summer With These June Salon Marketing Ideas

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and school is almost out! Plus, the non-official summer kickoff in the United States is Memorial Day, which comes around late May. Safe to say that summer has arrived! Make sure you’ve bought new sunscreen; the season of burns is upon us! In the meantime (and all jokes aside) we have some June salon marketing ideas ready for you to avail of, and you’re going to love them.

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June Salon Marketing Ideas & Graphics

National Safety Month

Many of your clients are about to go on holidays, and if there’s an industry that can take advantage of this, it’s the hair and beauty industry. Promote your salon or spa through safety during the month. If you’re running a spa and have sun-protection products, perhaps put together a month-long campaign raising awareness around the dangers of leaving your skin exposed to the sun, unprotected. You could do this with a written or video content series. A few ideas:

  • Post a video per week on Instagram or Facebook
  • Send a series of emails with tips, product recommendations, real-life horror stories, etc.
  • Create a “Summer Must-Haves” list of products – that you stock, of course!
  • Handout sunscreen samples

If, alternatively, you run a salon, then perhaps talk about how the effects of the sun on natural and coloured hair. Educate potential, new and existing clients on how they can prevent thinning hair and sun damage! And of course, don’t forget to encourage last-minute going-away appointments with online bookings!

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P.S. If you are a Phorest Salon Software client, your June Newsletter template can now be found in the marketing section of your system!

National Business Etiquette Week | June 3–9

It’s always a good idea to review your salon’s policies and procedures every now and then. Do you need to change something in your customer’s journey? Do you have an SOP Manual? Are any sections due for an update? What about your employee handbook; is that all up to date too?

Now, in fairness, these suggestions aren’t exactly what you want to share with clients. So, as you do all these changes internally, tell your clients and social media followers about:

You could even take the time to re-introduce your staff to the world! For tips and tricks on writing compelling employee bios, click here.

National Lemonade Days | June 3–11

We all need a bit of fun and refreshments when it’s warm out! Why not offer some homemade lemonade to clients and insist on the importance of keeping hydrated in the summer on social media? You could talk about the benefits of it for their skin, etc.

And, if you don’t have the time or energy to make the lemonade, why not partner up with a local juice bar for the week and refer clients to each other’s businesses? Katrina Sutherland, from Katrina Sutherland Country Spa, explains how she did this with a local hotel on Phorest FM Episode 74:

Men’s Health Week | June 11–17

Men’s Health Week could be the perfect lead up to Father’s Day for your salon or spa. A few ideas of things you could do marketing-wise:

  • Run an Instagram contest for an add-on service and require participants to tag a dad/partner/brother or friend they’d like to introduce to the treatment
  • Get a male client’s testimonial for a product or service and give the product or service a spotlight on your social media during a week
  • Offer an incentive, perhaps a product sample, for clients who tag your salon in their social media posts
  • Publish short and daily informative videos on Instagram and/or Facebook about men’s beauty & hair myths

Additional Ideas To Jumpstart Summer

  1. Review your KPIs and quarterly objectives; were they above or under target? What happened? Read more here.
  2. Review your tasks; is there anything you can delegate to your staff? Read more here.
  3. If you don’t have one already, build a loyalty program into your salon or spa. Read more here.
  4. As per suggested by visual merchandiser Rowena Doyle, partner with other local businesses and bring some attention to your salon/spa. Read more here.
  5. Refresh your salon merchandising display. Read more here.
  6. Review and if necessary, update your salon’s social media “about” sections.
  7. Have a look at your online reputation; has it changed since January? What can you do to get more reviews? Read more here.
  8. Collaborate with local influencers. Read more here.
  9. If Summer tends to be slower for you, can you give your website a new look?
  10. Join salon/spa community groups such as the #LetsGrow- The Salon Owners Tool to Growing Their Business or the Knowing Your Numbers Facebook Groups for more inspiration!

Download the June salon marketing toolkit here:

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Thanks for reading! #LetsGrow

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