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10 Ridiculously Relatable Salon Moments

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10 Ridiculously Relatable Salon Moments

Sometimes words (or even emojis!) are not enough.

You may or may not have noticed that Facebook now allow GIFs to play automatically on your feed. This new feature is a great way for you to inject some visual fun into your salon business page.

If you’re new to the world of GIFs, all you need to know is that they are animated images. Salon GIFs are the perfect way for you to convey your work-related feelings. Furthermore, they are great for sharing which in turn spreads the word about your salon!

How much do you relate to the following Salon GIFs? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. Want to post these salon moment GIFs onto your salon Facebook page? Scroll to the end to find out how 🙂


 Top 10 Salon Moments Told Through GIFs

1. When a client knows EXACTLY what they want:

2. When a client wants to go from brunette to platinum blonde in ONE visit:

3. When you drop something in front of that oh-so-hot client:

4. When someone tells you your prices are too high:

5. When a client wants to get rid of their split ends but keep ALL of the length:

6. When your client says you’re the best they’ve ever had:

7.  When a client keeps using home-dye kits:

8. When your lunchbreak keeps getting pushed back:

9. When your client restyles their hair before you’re finished:

10.  When your weekend FINALLY comes ’round:


How to post these Salon GIFs to your Salon Facebook Page:


1. Right-click on chosen GIF

2. From the Drop-Down Menu select ‘Copy image URL’

3. Before you paste onto your Facebook as a status, write the text you want to go with it e.g. ‘When a client knows EXACTLY what they want’

3. Right-click on status after this text and choose ‘Paste’ from the Drop-Down Menu

4. After a second your GIF will appear under the status

5. You can remove link from status if you wish! The GIF will still be there 🙂

PRO TIP: Tag somebody in the salon (or a client!) that you know will relate to these Salon GIFS


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