4 SMS Templates To Get Your Clients Booking Their Summer Treatments

4 SMS Templates To Get Your Clients Booking Their Summer Treatments

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So Spring is leading to Summer, and this time of year can be distracting for the best of us. People are concentrating on holidays, picnics, the right bikini and everything else under the sun. They’ve loads of time off and plenty of ways to spend it. The last thing a lot of them are thinking of is you! So it’s up to you to remind them. You have a host of treatments that will make them look their best in the sun…so let them know.

SMS marketing needs to be timely in order to be effective. It has to appeal to a need or at least create a “need”. Anyone can send a promotion…but a promotion that appeals to the desires of the clients and makes them want what you’ve got. That is something a little more difficult to achieve.

If you are considering a special offer think about what your clients need most in the summer… what are the best treatments you can offer at this time? I would suggest several different treatments that would be high profile during summer months. Below I have compiled a set of templates and ideas for several kinds of treatments you might be offering that could be canvassed as summer necessities. You will notice that the SMS are more specific, this is because they must contain all information that you need to get the client to book. So have a look and see what you might be able to use.

Hair Removal Services – This is amongst the easiest things to market at this time of year. Sun kissed beach bodies are not appealing if they are hairy on top of everything else. So why not invite your customers to avail of your best bikini offers… Those of you with laser hair removal remind your clients build your campaign “ if you want to bare be aware now’s the time to start and get that hair free summer….


<Client first name> Bare your body w/stress-free hairless skin 4 longer @thebeauty tree. Free pedi worth £15 w/wax appt 4 May. Limtd slots. Call 2039849032

Any sort of Tanning … I know, I know they can just go sit in the sun. But I think we all know that it takes hours and has huge risk factors. Also there is nothing appealing about tan lines or looking pasty while getting them– so encourage them to get the tan without hours spent frying in the sun.


<Client first name> Get the tan and not the lines FASTER @thebeauty tree. Free eyebrow thread worth £15 w/ tanning appt 4 May. Limtd slots. Call 2039849032

Weight Loss – Many of your clients had the best intentions of getting Bikini fit. But the fact of the matter is that they didn’t get around to it. Why not offer them some of your alternative treatments for quick easy solutions to the perfect bod.


<Client first name> Look bikini fit faster this Summer @beautyme! One free leg wax with every course of 6 weight loss t’ments bought in April or May. Call 2039849032

Holiday Hair – Clients love the beach look and most people don’t have enough time to get it. So let your clients know that you can make them look sunkissed.


<Client first name> Get Sunkissed Hair Regardless of the Rain @Beautytree! Free treatment worth £15 with all ballyage w/styling booked in May. Call 2039849032

Why not request a demo of our salon software today? We can help you get more clients, back more often spending more!


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